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Cantilever gantry crane- single & double cantilever design

Cantilever gantry crane designed with box girder/ truss girder, single / double beam, one cantilever / double cantilevers ? Better cantilever gantry crane design for you!

Crane Type Gantry crane with cantilever designs
Crane Capacity 3 ton-15ton, 15ton -150ton
Crane Span 18-35m,
Crane Lifting 6-18m
Working Class A3-A7

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Single Cantilever & Double Cantilever Gantry Crane Design

Cantilever gantry crane is one of the most frequently used overhead gantry crane equipment, widely used in variousopen air applications, such as railroad, freight yard, port and shipyard. The main girder beam of overhead gantry crane is outreached at one side or both sides to form cantilever, which extends the length of crane span andincreasesthe coverage of workspace.

Main parametersof cantilever gantry cranes

The gantry crane with cantilever gantry design offers the economical overhead travelling crane solution with capacity of up to 500 ton. And main parameters and specifications of the cantilever gantry cranes are presented for your reference and the custom designed cantilever gantry designs are available. Leave a message below to send your gantry crane inquiry.

Main parameters of cantilever gantry cranes

  • Gantry crane types:A frame gantry crane with single cantilever or Double cantilever cranedesign
  • Load capacity of cantilever gantry crane: 3 ton-15ton, 15ton -150ton, above150ton
  • Span of cantilever gantry crane: 18-35m,
  • Lifting height of cantilever gantry crane: 6-18m,
  • Work duty of cantilever gantry crane: A3-A7
  • Application of cantilever gantry crane:limited space but needs to realize long-distance transportation

Cantilever gantry crane design

Cantilever gantry cranes with various crane designs and configurations are applied in a variety of industrial applications to improve efficiency and productivity.Cantilever gantry cranes can be grouped into many types in terms of crane girder designs, cantilever designs, types of hoisting mechanism and mounting types, etc. As a reputable gantry crane manufacturerand supplier, we are devoted to provide cost-effective cantilever type gantry cranes solution for valuable customers and clients.

Single cantilever or double cantilever or no cantilever

In terms of cantilever designof gantry frame, gantry crane can be grouped into

  • Double cantilever gantry crane - most frequently used structure, which can take full use of the endurance capacity of crane structure and application space reasonably.
  • Single cantilever gantry crane - used when the application space is limited.
  • Gantry crane with no cantilever - the main girder has no cantilever with the hoisting trolley or winch trolley running within the crane span

Single girder vs. Double girder

In terms of crane girder construction,there are single girdercrane design&double girdercrane design for your selectionbased on thepractical lifting requirements and needs.

  • Cantilever gantry crane with single girder crane design is featured as simple structure, easymanufacturingand installation, and light self-weight. Compared with doublebeam crane designs, the overall stiffness of single beam gantry crane is weakerand usually used when the loads Q≤50tonand the span S≤35m.
  • Cantilever gantry craneswith double girder crane design is the most frequently used structure design, with the features of strong bearing capacity, large span, good overall stability, andcoming in many varieties, but the self-weight of the double beam gantry crane is larger and theirprocessingcost is higher compared with single beamgantry cranes

Box girder vs. Truss girder

In terms of metal structure designs of crane girders, the cantilever type gantry crane can be designed in to box type andtruss gantry :

  • Box type cantilever gantry is welded withsteel plates , with featuresof high safety, stiffness and other, etc. . Box type cantilever gantry is usuallywith largeand super largetonnages.The box gantry girder designalso has the drawbacksof high production cost, heavy selfweightand poor wind resistance.
  • Truss type cantilever gantry is welded with angle steel or I-beam, featured aslowmanufacturing cost, light self-weight, and good wind resistance. However, the truss gantry girder has the disadvantages of large deflection, low rigidity, low reliability, and frequent welding spots detection. Due to easy fabrication, the box type cantilever gantry crane accounts for the majority.

Full gantry vs. Semi gantry

In terms of structures of gantry frame,  we supply full type gantry crane and semi gantry crane for your selection.

  • Full gantry crane is adouble legged gantry crane with main girder supported on the two legs, which are in the same height.
  • Semi gantry crane is asingle leg gantry crane, with the other end of the main girder supported on the building structure, widely applied in places where the space is an issue.

Rail mounted vs rubber tired

According to the mounted type of cantilever gantry cranes or the way it moves, the cantilever type gantry cranes can be grouped into rail mounted and rubber tiredgantry crane:

  • Rail mounted cantilever gantry crane runs on and along the gantry rails fixed on ground, with the working area of rmg crane limited by the coverage of the gantry rail.
  • Rubber tiredcantilever gantry crane is running on rubber tires,which enable the rtg cantilever craneable to move in 9 directions with more flexibility in lifting and transportation.

Hoist trolley vs open winch trolley

In terms of the structure of crane hoisting mechanism, the cantilever type gantry crane can be grouped in hoist trolley gantry crane & open winch trolley gantry crane. And the gantry crane with cantilever designs can be equippedmore than one hoisting trolley for long or large loads or objects with safety and stability.

Applications of cantilever crane

Single cantilever gantry crane is a variationof the regulargantry crane, whichis usually applied in applications where the space are limited such as in metro construction for the hoisting of tunnel muck, vertical transportation of materials and components, such as shield.

Double cantilever gantry cranewith the extensionsat both sides of the main gantry girder ismainly adopted in the placeswhere long-distance transportationis required in a limited working area, such as,road construction, railway, highway, steel mill,an shipbuilding, etc. If a wide range of horizontal operations is needed, a double cantilever gantry crane is recommended.

Why Use Cantilever Gantry Crane?

Large amount of overhead gantry cranes are designed with cantilever, but why to select the cantilever gantry design? Gantry The cantilever of overhead gantry crane is the extended part which outreaches the crane span at one side or both sides and increases the crane runway . The cantilever gantry design has the following advantages :

  • Compared with gantry crane without cantilever, the extended crane span with single or double cantilevers makes the hoist trolley convenient to move loads on one side or both sides without affecting normal production within the span. The cantilever gantry designs offers very practical lifting equipment solutions for many applications.
  • Little maintenance are needed which minimizes the equipment downtime and eventually improves crane efficiency.
  • With optimized design, the gantry crane is light-weightedand has less wheel load pressure.
  • Reasonable and compact structure design enables cantilever gantry crane capable of making the most of available workspace.
  • Various safety devices are equipped on the cantilever type of gantry cranes to make sure the moving of overhead gantry stably and smoothly.

Gantry cranes can be designed with one or double cantilevers to lengthen the crane girder based on the crane capacity, lifting height and crane span in accordance with the standard ratio, to realized the needs of customers in different application site. Not only the cantilever gantry can meet the lifting requirement of customers, but also it can help to make full use of the material and to reduce the weight. The gantry crane can be designed with one cantilever or double cantilever , with equal or unequal length,all of which depends on the specific circumstances of the freight yard.Cantilever gantry cranes as a type of general purpose overhead travelling cranes commonly adopt a double cantilever gantry structure with equal length or nearly equal length for generally material handling.

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