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Crane design, free consultations,

Overhead travelling cranes designed to suit your needs & save your trouble before overhead crane buying

Overhead travelling crane design, overall crane project design, processing design, excellent technical and economical crane purchasing plan design are all available from our pre-sale technical support. Through thorough crane consultation, we will help you to find the right type of crane, confirm the overhead crane specifications and work out the best fit and cost-effective crane solution to ensure your material handling efficiency and reliability .

Crane Technical Engineer Team

Expertise on crane designing and manufacturing

As a well known crane manufacturer and supplier in China, we have the top level working teams of ;more than 2,700 employees, of which the number of managerial and technical personnel more than 400, and senior engineers more than 80. Our crane factory covers an area of over 680,000m2 and owns around 2000 sets of advanced processing and testing equipment, etc.

Our technical consultation team gives you the professional, honest and optimal crane advises for you to work out the best fit material handling crane solutions to your plant in line with your industry and working condition.

  • Overhead travelling crane design:single girder& double girder design, Hook crane, Grab crane, Explosion proof crane, Ladle crane,Low headroom crane
  • Gantry crane design: semi-gantry crane, Single girder gantry crane, Double girder gantry crane, Electric trolley gantry crane, Truss gantry crane
  • Slewing Jib crane design: Wall travelling jib crane, Pillar jib crane, Wall mounted jib crane,Portable jib crane
  • Diverse below-the-hook devices designs for various types of cranes

Our crane factory and crane company are capable to design complex crane projects of ;different tonnages ; ;for various industrial application even in the harsh and extreme steel mill applications from crane design, crane fabrication,crane design and crane maintenance, etc.

Free crane consultation saves your trouble before overhead crane buying

With thorough pre -sale consultation, our overhead travelling crane technical team will answer your questions and solve your complex crane problems to free you from troubles and make the best value out of your investment.

  • How to select the right type of crane for your application?
  • How to meet all your lifting requirements without spending extra money?
  • How does the overhead travelling crane deliver to you?
  • How to install the overhead travelling crane?
  • How to inspect and maintain the overhead cranes?
  • Any other particular problems concerning crane?

If you have any question or doubt, please feel free to contact us. Our technical consultation services will help you to solve your crane technical problems for free. Our 24 hours 7 day customer online service are available to help you at any time in the life cycle of your lifting equipment.

Process Crane Design, Cost-effective Solution

Process crane design for best fit handling solutions, maximizing the value of your investment

Process designed overhead travelling cranes are the most-effective material handling crane solutions which will fit your particular applications and meet your lifting requirements perfectly. As an experienced hoist and crane manufacturer and supplier, we are able to supply you customized crane design and matching crane parts to reduce your costs , maximize your uptime, safety and efficiency.

Various process cranes with tailored crane design for industrial uses

Crane Specifications Needed For Your Crane Design

Confirm your crane specifications to workout the best fit overhead crane design

Through consultation, we can help you to confirm the type of cranes, crane specifications including lifting capacity, lifting height and crane span and workout the most suitable crane design for your applications.

Through consultation, the following information should be considered:

  • What are the loads require to be lifted ?
  • How frequently will the crane be used each shift? How many hours the crane will work on a workday?
  • How long is the travelling length of the overhead crane in the bay?
  • What is the dimension of the workshop? How is the conditions of the workshops? Any existing cranes?Any obstacles?
  • Any loads attachment needed?
  • How much money be invested in in a crane system?
  • Any other, etc.

Though consultation, we will evaluation of your lifting needs, select the right type of overhead travelling crane and provide a suitable crane design for your applications, based on lifting requirements and application conditions, your budget, and long term effectiveness, etc.

Free Crane Drawing & Best Crane Price

Confirm overhead travelling crane drawing & get best overhead crane price

After confirming the crane specifications, we are able to recommend the suitable crane design and configuration for your application, offering the overhead travelling crane drawing for free:

On buying material handling cranes, the following main parameters are needed:

  • Types of crane: Overhead travelling cranes, gantry crane, jib cranes, hoist crane?
  • Lifting capacity: Ultimate load lifting capacity= ____tons.
  • Crane span: distance between the railway center = ____ meters.
  • Lifting height: height of lifting from the ground to the lift center (Hook) = ____ meters.
  • Crane application: ____________________________________
  • Frequency = ____.
  • Voltages = ____.

On confirming the crane drawing, the specific crane price will be offered. Process crane design will offer the best price crane solution. Contact us to get free consultation to confirm your crane specification and get free crane drawing and crane price.

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