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Light Crane KBK System, Cost-effective Workstation Crane
Modular Crane Design, Flexiable KBK Crane System

Light crane kbk system is a modular crane which can be combined flexibly according to application conditions and operation requirements. The modular designed light kbk crane systems can be grouped into flexible kbk system and rigid kbk system in the configuration of free standing crane and ceiling mounted suspension cranes ,etc. The kbk light crane systems are widely used in workstations for light duty material handling with features of modular design, light weighted, easy transportation, and easy assembly,etc. , which is a cost-effective workstation crane solution compared with conventional overhead travelling cranes. The light crane kbk systems can be processed tailored crane design to improve your working efficiency greatly.

Light Crane & KBK Crane Designs

KBK light crane system includes KBK monorail suspension crane, KBK single girder suspension crane, KBK double girder suspension crane, KBK telescopic girder suspension crane, KBK stacker crane, rigid kbk crane system,  and  combined-type KBK cranes, and other forms, etc.

  • Monorail kbk cranes- Light duty workstation crane solution for linear transport
  • Flexible single girder & double girder KBK crane - The kbk crane system with single girder crane design offers favourable dimension and low deadweight while the double girder kbk crane offers  large lifting heights, spans and high load capacities.
  • Rigid kbk crane system - Light duty kbk system with rigid truss crane design, providing a high quality workstation crane solution with long life but with minimum of maintenance.
  • Overhung extending cranes& telescopic crane  - A kbk crane with telescopic beam can be extended at one or both side up to 2.5 m which enables the kbk telescopic beam crane to handle loads outside the working area of main beamand make the difficult material handling close to columns or other obstacles possible and easy.
  • KBK stacker cranes - A double girder kbk crane with suspension crane design and a specialized stacker trolley is usually adopted for material handling with the operations of in-stock, out-stock, transport, sort, store and access in rack warehouse, stores and workshops, etc.

The kbk modular crane system can be designed and assembled flexibly with the modular Kbk crane kits components which offers maximum flexibility for greater planning freedom to meet various different applications . Contact us to get your customized modular kbk crane.

Features of Light KBK Crane

  • KBK Lightweight Crane System adopts the advanced modular crane design, various crane modular of different functions can be combined flexibly, with the same connection elements and interchangeable standard module.
  • Modular crane design makes kbk crane easy to be installed and assembled by bolting and the precast standard makes it easier to expand and move.
  •  Kbk crane systems are widely used in various industrial applications with high production efficiency and wide applicability.
  • Lightweight and flexible modular cranes kbk system can be operated manually,as well as automatically and semi-automatically.
  • Economic benefits,the kbk crane system is very economical comparing with traditional light duty bridge crane, especially for a single unit of work.

Light Crane & KBK Crane Application

KBK light crane system is a type of light duty bridge cranes,widely used for material handling with lifting capacity below 5000 kg, especially suitable for  short-distance material handling with intensive and high working frequency such as parts assembly,manufacturing processing,pallet shipment,injection molding,storage and loading unloading,equipment maintenance,etc.

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