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Top Running Overhead Crane & Bridge Crane, Tailored Top Running Crane Design

Top running overhead cranes: 2.5 -20 ton single girder & 5 -550 ton double girder top running crane design for you. Get Top running bridge crane design drawing now!

Overhead Crane Types Top running overhead crane
Crane Capacity 1 ton up to 550 ton
Lifting Height Customized.
Crane Span Customized.

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Top Running Overhead Crane & Bridge Crane, Tailored Top Running Crane Design
2.5 -20 Ton Single Girder & 5 -550 Ton Double Girder Top Running Overhead crane

What is the definition of a top-running overhead crane? The top running overhead crane, which has a fixed track system installed on the top of each runway beam, is the most widely utilized crane type.

The lifting capability of a top running overhead crane is unrestricted, and it can be built to carry loads ranging from 1 to 450 tons. The crane is ideal for transferring exceptionally big loads because it is supported by steel support columns or existing concrete steel building support systems.

Top running overhead crane designed for your requirements

Top-running overhead cranes or bridge cranes, which are designed expressly for your application, are the most effective lifting solution since they provide the most coverage throughout your building. There are ample variations to fit your purpose, with single, double, and box girder configurations available.

Top-running overhead bridge cranes are designed to travel on top of a runway system supported by engineering or structural columns.

Because the hoist is situated on top of the bridge rather than underneath, double girder designs often provide a higher hook height than single girder designs.

Because we develop our overhead cranes to withstand a variety of industrial situations, they are the industry standard.

Types of top running overhead cranes

Top running crane is very flexible and versatile, which can be used to handle lifts with small and large capacity.

With no limiting capacity, the top running crane can be used to handle lifts with small capacities to very large capacities. Top running cranes consist a rail installed on top of each runway, with wheels move on the rail, rather than on the bottom flange of the runway beam. Supported by the building structure or runway support columns, or sister columns, top running overhead crane are the first option for moving extremely heavy loads.

Main configration  ans specifications of top running overhead cranes

Top running cranes can be designed in a single-girder or double-girder configuration.

Single girder top running overhead cranes

Providing you excellent value for your application, single girder designs allow you to be cost effective without compromising performance. Over the lifetime of the crane, you will save on new support structures as it has reduced wheel loads. This allows you to add more lifting capabilities to your runway structure without upgrading.

Single girder overhead crane video

Single Girder Top Running Overhead Crane :

  • Load Capacity of top running overhead crane: .25 – 20 tons
  • Span of top running overhead crane: Under 20 m
  • Crane duty service of top running overhead crane: Light
  • Low deadweight
  • More overhead space
  • High speed
  • Lower production cost / lower overall price

Types of single girder top running cranes

Double Girder Top Running Overhead Crane

Double girder cranes are utilized when a comprehensive lifting solution is required. They are designed for applications with load capacities often exceeding 25 tons. Because the hook goes between the beams, double girder cranes have a higher lift height than single girder cranes.

Double girder overhead crane video

Double girder top running overhead crane benefits:

  • Load Capacity of Top Running Overhead Crane: 20-550 tons
  • Span of top running overhead crane – Over 20 meters
  • Crane duty service of top running overhead crane– Heavy
  • Ideal when extremely high hook height is necessary
  • Better hook height
  • Most overhead space
  • More lift
  • High speed

Main types of double girder overhead cranes

Advantages of top-running cranes:

  • Long bridge spans are easier to achieve with a top-running crane design, and the hook height—the distance between the floor and the hook—is also greater, providing the operator more headroom for lifts.
  • A fixed rail or track system is stalled on the top of each runway beam by a top-running overhead crane, allowing the end trucks to carry the bridge and hoist along the top of the runway system.
  • A single girder or double girder bridge can be built with a top running crane. A single-girder bridge has an under-hung trolley and hoist, whereas a double-girder bridge has a top-running trolley and hoist.
  • Top-running overhead cranes have no limiting capacity, which means they can be built to handle little or huge loads, ranging from 1 to 100 tons.
  • Because they ride on rails on top of the runway beam, top running cranes give more lift height for buildings with restricted headroom.
  • Top-running overhead cranes are usually larger than under-running cranes because they can be designed to higher capacities and spans. Installation and future maintenance are also easier and faster than with an under-hung crane.

Applications of top running overhead crane

Top-running overhead cranes with single and double girders can be customized to practically any purpose. They're built for maximum efficiency and safety inside your facility. Typical uses for the single beam top running crane include light manufacturing and machine shops, warehousing, light assembly lines, and repair shops. The double-girder overhead crane, on the other hand, is typically seen in heavy-duty industries including steel mills, foundries, huge machine shops, and paper mills.

Why to use a top running overhead crane system?

  • The top-running overhead crane travels on rails above the runway beams, giving it extra lifting height for buildings with restricted headroom.
  • The crane's capacity ranges from one ton to more than 400 tons, making it perfect for carrying exceptionally big loads. It can also handle longer spans.
  • The crane is more easier to install and maintain than a crane that is underhung.
  • The crane has a long service life and a high level of safety.

In a word, whether you need greater capacity, lifting height, or overhead space, a top-running overhead crane system is the ideal choice.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We can assist you in selecting the best crane system for your needs!

Top running & under running crane, which one do you need?

When it comes to purchasing a bridge crane, many people wonder if an underrunning or toprunning crane is the best option for their needs. Of course, bridge crane systems come in a variety of designs, but determining whether to go with a top-running or under-running design is a crucial decision.

There are a few questions to consider when deciding whether a top-running or underhung crane system will best suit your facility and lifting requirements:

  • Will you build a new support structure or can you use the existing support structure?
  • Do you have any existing runways at your location?
  • Your facility's design and layout, as well as its ceiling height
  • Load capacity, lifting height, and hook approach are all factors to consider.
  • How crucial is having open and unobstructed floor space?

Get your tailored top running overhead crane price

  • Are you interested in learning more about our top-performing bridge crane or receiving a free quote? Please include some basic parameters that are critical to the proposal, such as:
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  • Lifting height
  • Span
  • Power source
  • What kind of material does the crane lift?
  • Crane working environment
  • How long does the crane travel?
  • How many hours does the crane work per day?
  • Your additional requirements

Various of Crane Services

Various types of process cranes are available for material handling in foundry factory and foundry plants through the process of raw materials handling, machining, fabricating, shaping and finished products handling, transportation and storage, etc.

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6.3 ton overhead crane kit for sale Philippines, complete single girder top running overhead crane system, low headroom design for workshop indoor use.

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