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Monorail KBK Crane

Suspension kbk monorails & free standing kbk monorail overhead cranes, perfect kbk light crane system for linear material handling with straight &curved kbk rails.

Lifting Capacity 50kg-3.2 ton
Span 0.7m-12m
Working Duty A1-A6
Customized kbk monorails are available for your specific applications.

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KBK Monorails for Liner Material Handling
Ceiling & Free Standing kbk Monorail

KBK combined monorail crane is a perfect overhead traveling crane system for linear conveying of light duty loads which can link the whole working processes for loading and unloading for straight, round trip and circular transportation and conveying operations through different modular components and parts such as straight kbk rails, curved kbk rails, kbk turnouts and kbk turntables and others, etc.
The kbk monorails are modular designed light crane systems which can be flexibly ans easily combined to form the desired overhead travelling crane solutions to fit the particular linear and overhead handling with high efficiency and safety.

Monorail kbk crane

Main parameters of kbk monorail cranes

Monorail kkb cranes are light crane systems which are offered with process crane designs to meet your particular applications. Our monorail kbk light crane systems are available with the following options:

  • Loading capacity: 50kg-3.2t , Span:0.7m-12m,Working grade: A1-A6
  • Simple and economical straight monorail kbk cranes with single girder & double girder crane designs,
  • Complex suspension & free standing crane designs with combinations of straight and curves kbk rails, track switches and turntables
  • Closed circuit kbk monorails linking the loading work cell to deposit sector in reversing operation.
  • Electrical and manual operation, semi automated & fully automated are optional.

Process crane designs and combinations to fit specific applications with standard modular components and parts to form the kbk monorail transportation lines with ring, bifurcation,and turntables, etc.,for loads pickup, delivery, distribution and disposition, etc. Contact us to get kbk monorail cranes specifications and design drawings.

Ceiling mounted, kbk suspension monorail

Due to the light crane system design, the monorail kbk cranes are usually attached or suspended to the ceiling roof structures or other existing structures of the building facilities.
With suspension kbk monorail designs, the light duty cranes are featured as following:
  • Cost-effective due low material cost and building costs for supportive columns or structures.
  • Maximize your floor space when no additional supportive columns required.
  • Offering large lifting height for being attached to roof ceiling structures.
Monorail kbk crane

Curved KBK Monorail

Monorail kbk crane

KBK Turntables

Monorail kbk crane

KBK track switches "V" type rail

The KBK monorail cranes are perfect overhead travelling crane solutions for linear material handling with, flexible travelling directions through the single kbk rail track line to multiple kbk rail tracks, and circuit kbk rail track.

  • KBK Turntable are used to change hoist trolley travelling direction within a limited space which are consisted of mechanical locking devices to prevent hoist trolleys from leaving or entering the turntable section during slewing. The kbk turntables be operated manually or electrically as request.
  • KBK rail switches "V" type rails are for rail branching or converging to ensure the efficient and smooth material handling which are optional with manual, electric or pneumatic switching for semi, or fully automatic control.
Monorail kbk crane

Ceiling mounted kbk light crane system

Monorail kbk crane

Suspension kbk crane with double girder design

Monorail kbk crane

Telescopic Beam Crane

  • Straight monorail kbk cranes are available with single girder & double girder kbk crane designs which are usually adopted the ceiling mounted suspension crane configurations. The kkb crane beams are simply attached and hung on the roof or superstructure of the facility without additional auxiliary support, to improve your workshop space utilization. The light kbk crane systems with process crane design offers a very efficient and reliable, and cost-effective overhead travelling crane solutions.
  • The telescopic beam kbk monorails can carry loads out of the reach of the main beam to go beyond the columns or other obstacles to increase work range efficiently and make best use of the limited space. The telescopic beam is attached to the main beam and can reach out of the main beam 2.5m long at one side or both sides to enlarge service areas efficiently.

Floor mounted free standing monorail kbk cranes

The free standing monorail kbk cranes are a type self-supporting crane with light and simple structure, which can be easily adapted to various installation environment. 
Monorail kbk crane

Combined monorail cranes with complex design

Monorail kbk crane

Free standing monorail kbk cranes with round kbk rail beam

Monorail kbk crane

Free standing monorail kbk cranes with straight kbk rail beam.

With free standing crane designs, the light duty monorails kbk cranes are featured as

  • Cost-effective and efficient overhead material handling crane for defined working areas.
  • Modular design, easy assembly, installation,maintenance, and extension, etc.
  • Process designs are available for specific applications


  • Large freedom .Various crane designs and configurations can meet the customers' requirements.
  • Low cost. Low cost and light dead weight of lifting equipment will reduce the cost of plant construction and equipment input.
  • Modular design. & light structure. Make assembly, installation,maintenance, and extension easy and simple.
  • The installation is convenient, so the customer can easily fix it according to our installation instructions.
  • Convenient operations, defined route, high efficiency to improve your production line safety and efficiency.
  • High flexibility& adaptability. Process monorail kbk rail routes are tailored to fit the structural requirements of the workshops versatile of components.
  • Great versatility. Flexible combinations of the modular components and parts to form kbk monorails for various types of materials handling


The kbk monorail crane systems are widely used for light duty material handling during production processing, assembly, maintenance and storage.The kbk monorail systems are typical light duty crane solutions for processing lines where short distance, frequent and repeat operation are required with lifting capacity no more than 5 tons.

KBK monorail light crane system is well applied in diverse industries like Automobile Making, Construction Machinery, Injection Molding,electronic assembly, Process Equipment Maintenance,Logistics,Food processing,Machinery manufacturing, Metal Manufacturing,Parts Assembly, Shipbuilding industry,Process Equipment Maintenance, Logistics,Warehouse loading,Wind Power,Rail Transfer, etc.

Process kbk monorails ,most-effective kbk monorail crane price

Process designed monorail kbk cranes are the most cost-effective light duty overhead crane solutions for your particular applications. Contact us to confirm the kbk monorail crane specifications , get free monorail kbk crane drawing and crane price. Send us an inquiry on the light kbk monorail crane today.

Types of KBK crane systems for your selection

KBK light crane system includes KBK monorail suspension crane, KBK single girder suspension crane, KBK double girder suspension crane, KBK telescopic girder suspension crane, KBK stacker crane, rigid kbk crane system, and combined-type KBK cranes, and other forms, etc.

Types of kbk crane videos for your reference

500kg-5000kg KBK Light Crane System, Various Types of Light KBK Cranes & Tailored KBK Light Cranes

KBK crane with electric chain hoist, Light duty electric chain hoist kbk crane system

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How to customized your kbk crane system ?

Parameters of kbk crane system

  • Lifting capacity of light kbk crane: __Kg
  • Width (S)=__m, H=__m, L=__m, L1=__m, L2=__m
  • Hoist type of light kbk crane:Electric chain hoist or Wire rope hoist or Manual chain hoist?
  • Crane travel type of light kbk crane: Electrical type or Manual type?
  • Voltage of light kbk crane: ____V____Hz____Phase (If electrical type)
  • Control Mode of light kbk crane: Remote control or Pendant control?
  • How many KBK cranes are running on the same track?
  • Transportation: tell us the sea port name near you, we can quote you shipping freight.

If need more details or request a quote to our overhead kbk crane system , welcome to contact us freely to check what we can do for your workstation material handling.

6.3 ton overhead crane kit for sale Philippines, complete single girder top running overhead crane system, low headroom design for workshop indoor use.

Free consultation to Confirm Parameters & Specifications and Get

Latest Crane Price & Crane Rate.

  • Types of overhead cranes : _______?
  • Optional: Overhead travelling crane, goliath gantry crane,Slewing jib crane, Single girder or double girder crane,small portable crane or kbk crane, etc.
  • Capacity of overhead crane: _______?
  • Optional: 0.25ton, 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 2 ton, 3ton, 5 ton, 10 ton,15ton, 20ton, 25 ton, 30ton,35ton, up to 550ton, etc.
  • Crane span & lifting height : _______?
  • Crane travelling length : _____?
  • Control of overhead crane:_______?
  • Optional: pendant/ remote/cabin control
  • Voltage supply of overhead crane:_____?
  • Eg,: 380V50/60HZ,3Phase or others,etc.
  • Application/usage of crane:_______?
  • Eg,: Steel mill, ,injection mold, cement,stone, concrete,granite, general manufacturing, etc.
  • Just leave a message via the contact form and our hoist and crane engineer will contact you with in 24working hours.

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