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Crane installation & Crane commissioning

Crane installation and commissioning services is one of our important after sale services which will help our clients to install the overhead crane, gantry crane, jib cranes and various process designed industrial cranes correctly and safely to ensure the optimal overhead crane operation operation conditions and efficiency to make the best value out of your investment.

With expertise and experiences in overhead travelling crane installation & erection, we can efficiently install the cranes on seclude based on your plan and then all machine commissioning will be conducted to provide you with testing data reports of installation and operation. What's more, professional crane training in terms of crane operation and crane maintenance are also provided.

Your Trusted Crane Manufacturer & Supplier

Crane Installation & Commissioning
Exclusive Crane Services for Clients

Our crane installation team is well-trained and experienced in rigging , mechanical adjustments and electrical terminations. All the crane installation and commissioning services provided are promised to meet the application standards and requirements. Our crane installation and commissioning are exclusive to our valuable clients.

Crane installation and commissioning services include:

  • Overhead travelling crane installation
  • Gantry crane installation
  • Slewing jib crane installation
  • Various process designed industrial crane installation

Our professional crane installation and commissioning management team are with extensive on-site crane construction experience,offering strict quality control and a full set of crane installation inspection and acceptance services, to guarantee the optimal condition and best value of the lifting equipment.And any valuable feedback to overhead crane and services are welcomed to improve our service quality continuously.

Features of crane installation and commissioning

  • Safely. Safety is always our top concerning from crane design, installation, commissioning and crane operation, etc.
  • Efficiently. With extensive expertise and experience in crane installation and commissioning, we can install the overhead travelling efficiently in the minimum of time within the timetable.
  • Professionally. Our crane installation services are available for a wide range of crane application conditions including the harsh, extreme and tricky conditions, such as,low headroom, limited space, and hazardous environments, etc.
  • Innovatively. With R & D team support, our installation team will design a tailored crane installation scheme to enable the crane installation completed with lowest cost and enable your overhead travelling into full operation at the best condition.

Types of Crane installation & commissioning services

Based on different types of crane projects and requirements of clients and customers, we are offering on site crane installation services and remote construction services for your selection.

On site crane installation and commissioning to save your time and energy

The on site crane installation and commissioning are available for complex crane projects which are provided based on customers requirements which will be defined in the crane purchasing contract. For on site crane installation and commissioning, our designated 1 or 2 installation engineers will fly to crane location site to construct and install the crane to save you from troubles and save your time and energy.

Crane installation and commissioning with remote construction to save your cost

Remote construction for crane installation and commissioning are preferred for simple and easy crane projects which can be installed easily by client themselves or by their preferred localized installation team according to the crane installation drawing, manual, video construction, remote live construction, and 24/7 online&crane support, etc.No matter what your conditions is, we will manage to make your crane installed timely with optimal operation conditions.

A summery from plan to installation & commissioning

How to Install An
Overhead Travelling Crane

Overhead travelling crane installation procedures starts overhead travelling crane buying to the completion of installation, ensuring project date and control budget. After you have selected the overhead travelling crane type for your application, and a crane builder as your supplier, and the crane buying contract has signed, overhead travelling crane installation will be on the agenda.

Overhead Crane Installation

Procedures of crane installation and commissioning

With extensive overhead travelling crane installation experiences, we are able to summarize the overhead travelling crane installation procedure from plan making to the complement of crane installation and commissioning for your reference. Mainly, we will help you to understand the general procedure of overhead travelling crane installation:

  • Evaluation work scope of overhead travelling cranes
  • Crane installation location evaluation
  • Potential hazards evaluation of crane installation
  • Evaluate runway system of overhead travelling crane- Existing runway system & New runway system evaluation
  • Crane installation commit to your timetable
  • Loading test of overhead travelling cranes

The general summary of overhead travelling crane installation are for your reference to help install your overhead cranes within total crane budget. If you have any requirement of overhead crane installation, please feel free to contact us or your crane manufacturer and supplier.

Preparation before overhead travelling crane installation

Crane installation should be bear into mind at the very beginning of & overhead travelling crane inquiry. Your overhead crane manufacturer and supplier will also take the crane installation into the crane designing by evaluate your blue print or building floor plans to workout the most suitable overhead crane design based on crane application and lifting requirements.

Working out crane installation plan and timetable

A timetable will be provided by overhead travelling crane installation team explain to you how the overhead crane installation will be completed. Usually, it will take 3-14 day to install the overhead cranes and a longer time may be needed for more complicated industrial crane installations.According to the expected project completion date, the crane installation team will contact the client or general contractor and all the necessary parties involved in the crane installation. The following should be confirmed:

  • Introductions of crane installation team, general contractor, or staff involved during crane installation.
  • Set up a time to come out and perform an analysis of crane installation site or facility.
  • Agree on an anticipated crane installation date. It is necessary to be aware that crane installation date can be influenced by the crane production schedules or construction delays.
  • Set up effective communication weekly to make sure that the crane project is still on schedule and to solve any issues or challenges confronted to make sure overhead travelling crane installation within time frame.

Evaluation work scope and prepare installation equipment

On receiving the crane purchase contract offered by your crane manufacturer, your crane installation team will reach out you and arrange to come to the job site and meet with your team.

  • Arrange a meet to evaluate the work scope with the attendance of Maintenance Supervisor, Plant Manager of existing facility, or a General Contractor at a new construction site, etc.
  • Review all the signed approval drawings and your building prints to get a better understanding of the space where the overhead travelling crane will be installed and operated and evaluate the crane span and length of overhead runway structure, etc.
  • Work out a list of equipment and materials will be prepared and brought to the installation site, which may consisted of Semi-trucks, trailers, and flatbeds,&Mobile installation cranes to lift the bridge girder and runway beams,Generators,Scissor lifts,Protection Equipment including fall protection equipment, etc.
  • Identify the access of the building for their equipment and materials. The overhead travelling cranes will be loaded onto flatbed trailers and hauled onto the installation site, well then the trucks, mobile cranes, and personnel need have the access to move freely in and out of the building without disruption.
  • Evaluation of crane installation work scope. Before overhead travelling crane installation, the crane installation experts will visit, analyze and evaluate the work scope of crane installation including 1)the proposed overhead crane installation site or building conditions such as, building bearing ability, layout,etc. 2) crane installation site evaluation and identify potential hazards and obstacles.3)Evaluation of the conditions of existing runways or runways newly constructed,etc.

Evaluation of crane installation site

For overhead crane installation site evaluation, it will take a mount of time for it may cover the following works:

  • Know the basics of crane installation site
  • Identify obstacles at crane installation site
  • Confirm timetable of crane installation

Know the basics of crane installation site

Be aware of the basics of the crane installation sites and , it is better to mark off the crane installation site by spraying or roping off on the floor and structural supports , etc. Items you should mark off during overhead crane installation should including:

  • Electric and gas line installation
  • Concrete or other masonry work being performed
  • Overhead light fixtures
  • Duct work / roofing work
  • Plumbing
  • Others, etc.

Identify obstacles at crane installation site

Identify obstacles, such as, machinery equipment blocks their ways and it is necessary to set up a staging area, and have free and clear ground access to the crane location site. It is necessary to mark off the obstacles required maneuver and take pictures of building layout to work out a feasible plan. Items needs to be identified and evaluated:

  • Floor of installation site. Identify the type of flooring such as, concrete, dirt, etc,and evaluate its capability of bearing the heavy duty cranes and trucks, etc.
  • Identify and evaluate the structural support beams for existing runways
  • Identify the obstacle equipment or machinery which will be in operation during crane installation process. Any other working staffs will be around the installation site?,

Confirm timetable of crane installation

Confirm the timetable and understand the timeline to know well what other work might be going on around when during their installation of crane.

Potential hazards evaluation

For the safety of overhead travelling crane installation, it is necessary to identify any and all potential hazards and make sure all the required specialized protection (PPE) , specialized permits, and other special considerations are available to guarantee the crane installation safety.

Identify the hazards before overhead travelling crane installation which may cover the following:

  • Electric supply& energy sources - electrical or gas lines, power/conductor bars, lighting fixtures, etc.
  • Traffic-pedestrian foot traffic, walking path, working staff vehicles, trucks ,manlifts forklifts, or other vehicles, etc.
  • Application environment-Any presence of excessive heat, dusty, humidity, hot metals, chemicals, etc.
  • Working at heights -ladders, and scaffolding and related required fall protection devices and measurements
  • Any other hazards identified by the customer and crane installation team.

Overhead Crane Installation

Evaluate runway system of overhead travelling crane

To make the plan of the overhead travelling crane installation, the newly installed crane runway and the existing crane runway should be evaluated beforehand.

Existing runway system evaluation

  • Verify the crane span measurement as per the approval drawing of the required overhead travelling crane.
  • Inspect crane runway beams and electrification system to make sure that all of them are qualified for the operation of the required overhead travelling crane to prevent the premature wear of crane components caused by misalignment and other problems, etc.

New crane runway system evaluation

  • Review all approval crane runway drawings and specifications
  • Verify measurements and support loading ratings,
  • Identify any process lines, machinery, or other things or objects that may interfere with or involved in the crane installation.
  • Verify pull power from the building and all electrical work

Commit to the date of crane installation

Commit to the date of overhead travelling crane installation is very important. To prevent extra cost of employee wages, and rental of equipment resulted from any delay, it is necessary to make it clear to all the parties involved. Therefore, constant effective communication and immediate handling of the issues or concerns that could impact the installation time frame is very important.To ensure the efficiency of crane installation, it is important to make sure :

  • Crane installation schedule are well informed to all the working staffs participated such as, trucks and drivers, mechanical installer and assemblers, riggers, crane operators, and electrical and crane technicians, etc.
  • Make sure all the involved parties can efficiently carry their works on as per the agreed schedule of crane installation, such as the logistics, transportation, and timing of workers, material, and equipment.

Load testing & commissioning of overhead travelling cranes

After crane erection and crane installation, the commissioning of overhead travelling crane are required to make sure the crane operation in order, which mainly consisted of two operational tests, and a rated load test prior to its initial working operation:

  • Testing of the lifting hoist including the lifting operation of up and down, hoist trolley, hoist limit switches, etc.
  • Testing of crane bridge travel, limit switches and braking and safety devices,etc.
  • 125% of the rated load test and keep test reports on file readily to access.

Overhead Crane Installation

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