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Double girder overhead electric hoist trolley crane, Competitive Chinese overhead hoist trolley crane

5 ton- 63 ton double girder overhead electric crane with rope hoist trolley / chain hoist trolley, competitive hoist trolley crane system, cheaper hoist trolley crane price, good electric overhead crane solution.

Crane Type Chinese style double girder overhead crane with hoist trolley
Crane Capacity 5~63 ton
Crane Span 8m~32m
Working Class A3~A5
Ambient Temperature -20~40℃

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Chinese Style CE Heavy Duty
Double Girder Hoist Trolley Crane

Double girder overhead electric hoist trolley crane is a double girder overhead crane equipped with electric hoist trolley including electric wire rope hoist trolley system and electric chain hoist trolley system as the lifting mechanism for 5 ton to 63 ton light and medium duty material handlingindoor or outdoor.

LH type of electric hoist trolley overhead crane is double girder electric overhead crane equipped with CD/MD wire rope electric hoist trolley with frame as the lifting mechanism and lifting capacity is from 5 ton 32 ton, and the double girder overhead electric crane is much stronger, safer in use compared with that of single girder overhead electric crane.

LH double girder overhead head electric hoist trolley cranes

LH double girder overhead head electric hoist trolley cranes

LH type of double girder overhead electric hoist trolley craneis supposed to used as a heavy duty overhead crane with high quality electric hoist trolley for general material handling with crane capacity from 5 ton to 32 ton The working class of overhead electric hoist craneis A3 to A5. The main parameters of LH type general use overhead hoist trolley crane are presented for your reference. If you need customized electric overhead crane, please leave a message below to free crane quotation.

The main specifications of overhead electric hoist trolley cranes

  • Overhead Crane Type: LHdouble girder overhead electric hoist trolley cranes
  • lLifting Capacity of Double GirderHoist Trolley Crane: 5~63 ton
  • lSpan Lengthof Double GirderHoist Trolley Crane:8m~32m
  • lWorking Class of Double GirderHoist Trolley Crane:A3~A5
  • lAmbient Temperature of Double GirderHoist Trolley Crane:-20~40℃

Components & Structure:

LH type ofdouble girder electricbridge craneis suitable for light and middle working duty material handling. The general structure of the electric overhead crane is as following overhead crane drawing and the main crane parts and components of the electric hoist crane is including the box girderbridge frame, electric hoist trolleysystem, crane traveling mechanism and electrical system.

LH double girder overhead head electric hoist trolley cranes drawing

The overhead hoist trolley crane employsfixed electric hoistas the hoisting mechanism, seated on the crane trolley frame, travelling on crane bridge consisted of twoboxgirder beams, supported by a crane end truck/ end carriageon each side.

Overhead hoist trolley & hoist trolley cranes

As the most critical component of overhead electric hoist trolley crane , the electric hoist trolley performs the task of lifting work, which is usually grouped intotwo main configurations,wire rope hoisttrolley and chain hoisttrolley. Thedouble girder overhead electric hoistcranescan be classified intoelectricchain hoisttrolleycrane and electric wire rope hoisttrolleycrane,based on the configuration of crane hoists and general used electric hoist trolley crane and special used electric hoist trolley cranes based on the differences of applications. Each type of hoist trolley crane is designed for specific purposes.

Main parameters of double girder hoist trolley

  • Lifting capacity of double girder overhead electric hoist trolley
  • 5 ton ~63 ton(5 ton, 10 ton, 15 ton, 20 ton, 25t on, 30 ton, 50 ton, 63ton, etc.
  • lifting height of overhead electric hoist trolley :3~120m.
  • Voltages of overhead electric hoist trolley:
  • Electric hoists of various voltages can be offered, such as220v hoist, 240v hoist, 380v hoist, 420 v, etc.

Types of overhead electric hoist trolley cranes

According tocranedesign and electric hoist type,the overhead electric hoist trolley cranes can be grouped as the following crane types:

Chain hoist trolley crane: It adopts the electric chain hoist as the lifting system of the electric overhead cranes. Theelectricchain hoist crane is a cost-effective solutionfor light duty material handling applications, such as general maintenance works. The electric chain hoist crane has the advantages oflittle maintenance and relatively low crane cost.

Wire rope hoist trolley crane: It is commonlyequipped the CD & MD wire rope hoists as the hoisting system, frequently usedin a variety of lifting applications for heavier loadshandling. The wire rope hoist trolley crane is featured asgreater lifting height, and higherspeed, and wider application.

According to the application, the overhead electric hoist trolley cranes can be grouped into following hoist trolley crane types:

Universal electric hoist trolley overhead crane : As a type of general used electric overhead cranes, the double girder overhead electric hoist crane is widely usedfor general material handling in various workshops warehouses, yard, plants, and other places, etc. It is widely used in various industries including machinery manufacturing, textile industry, and food industry, etc. However, the general electric overhead crane with hoist trolley is not supposed to used ininflammable, explosive or erosion environment.

Special designed electric hoist trolley overhead crane : Thecustom designed double girder electric hoist trolley overhead cranes are specially designed forhazardous applications , such as, Explosion proof hoist trolley cranefor explosion environments, Metallurgical hoist trolley cranefor flammable environments and Low headroom hoist trolley cranein workshop with limited space or room, etc.
Double hoist trolley crane: it isa double girder overhead crane equipped with two electric hoists for balancing loads during hoistingmovementwithmore efficiency which is widelyused in textile factory or paper plant, etc.The rated capacity of two electric hoists cannot exceed that of double girder overhead crane.
The selection of electric hoistcranes is determinedbymany factors such as craneapplication, working environment condition and ease of use.Any question or doubton how to select the right electric hoist cranes, please feel free to contact us by leaving a message below. Reply will be given in 24 working hours.

Advantages of electric hoist trolley crane

  • Compactstructuredesign, strong steel material, high qualityautomatic welding and NDT inspection.
  • Safe and stablecranetraveling,withlong working life, littlemaintenance;
  • Reduce your investment inthe construction ofworkshops and plants and improve your efficiency of production line.
  • Suitable for variousapplications and operatingconditions and one-stop solutionsis available for electric hoist overhead crane.

Features of electric hoist trolley crane

  • Made of completed steel plate by CNC cutting, the box type main girders havehigh flatnessand accuracy and at the same time have sufficient strength, rigidity, and stability.
  • With upgraded design, end beams / end carriages of electric hoist cranes can be easily bolted on the main girders. With welded rectangular tubesand crane buffers, the travelling of electric crane is secured.
  • The protection level of crane drive: IP54 or IP55, level F insulation.
  • Softstarting and stopping, low noise. Adopting Dual-motor Independent Drive Device, it effectivelyreduces the wear of rail gnawing and the possibility of fault of wheel climb off track, etc.
  • Crane Operationmode can be selected from groundpedantoperations, remoteradiooperation, and driver's cabin according to requirementand application conditions. Because of big crane span, large lifting capacity, high lifting height,the hoist trolley overhead crane usually adopts thedriver's cabin operation.
  • Multiple safety protection system is adopted, including short circuit protection, no-voltage protection, emergency power off switch , overload limit , travel limit , zero and chain protection, ground protection, etc.Various of Safety devices are used such as cranebuffer, limit switch, overload limiter, voltage and current protection equipment etc.

Applications of Electric Overhead Crane

As a general material lifting cranes, LH type electric hoist trolley overhead crane is widely used for differentindustries in many places and occasions. The hoist trolley electric overhead crane isspecifically designed for light and moderate dutyservice, usually used in workshops,such as workingin manufacturing warehouse, assembly workshop, steelplant, metallurgy and casting workshop and power plant etc.

The general used electric cranes is not supposed to be used in environments offlammable, explosive or corrosive, which need special designed overhead travelling cranes. Contact us to get your special designed double girder overhead cranes now.

6.3 ton overhead crane kit for sale Philippines, complete single girder top running overhead crane system, low headroom design for workshop indoor use.

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  • Crane travelling length : _____?
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  • Eg,: 380V50/60HZ,3Phase or others,etc.
  • Application/usage of crane:_______?
  • Eg,: Steel mill, ,injection mold, cement,stone, concrete,granite, general manufacturing, etc.
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