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Economical Portable Gantry Cranes, Versatile Small Gantry Crane Solutions

250 kg - 10 ton portable gantry cranes & mobile gantry cranes with adjustable / fixed gantry for small & light material handling. Get portable gantry crane rolling now!

Crane Type Small portable gantry crane
Crane Capacity 0.5 ton to 10 ton
Crane Span 2-12 m
Lifting Height 1m-9m(customized)
Working Class A3,A4

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Portable Gantry Cranes & Movable Gantry Crane
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Portable gantry cranes also mobile gantry cranes are a special form of gantry crane with features of small and light-weighted, flexible and efficient. As one of the most cost-effective small gantry cranes, the portable rolling gantry cranes are highly welcomed in indoor and outdoor applications such as workshop, warehouse, shipyard, freight yard, workstation, garage and others, etc. Due to the portability and flexibility, the small portable cranes are an excellent selection for many environments where an overhead crane is not practical and a standard gantry crane can not justify the expensive cost.

With high-grade and advanced technologies, customized portable cranes in different types and weights are available from our factory.

Advantages of small portable gantry cranes

With the features of small structure, portable gantry, adjustable height and span, and strong & reasonable design, the portable gantry cranes owns the advantages as following:

  • Compact structure, small size, light dead weight, and small wheel load pressure.
  • Reasonable and strong crane design, easy operation, stable and high efficient working performance, and long services
  • Adjustable & portable gantry frame, flexible,hoisting solution for loads of different weights and sizes.
  • Quick & easy assembly and dis-assembly, convenient for transportation and installation

Main parameters of portable gantry cranes

As a professional and experienced overhead travelling cranes supplier, one-stop service for the portable gantry cranes is available from our crane company and crane factory, including crane designing,a complete set of installation, a sound after-sale service and maintenance , which will guarantee you to have the most enjoyable crane purchasing expediences.

Small portable gantry crane for sale

Parameters of Portable Type Crane

  • Types of small gantry crane: portable gantry crane,
  • Lifting capacity of portable gantry crane : 0.5t~10t,
  • Span length of portable gantry crane: 2~16m
  • Lifting height of portable gantry crane: 2~12m
  • Working class of portable gantry crane: A2
  • Total adjustable height variation of adjustable gantry : 1m
  • Provide Custom Option

Different types & configurations

Rolling gantry cranes are excellent choices for applications where you need a portable, movable and economical way for material handling at anywhere in your workshops or factories. To meet the various working requirements, portable gantry cranes are designed with different types and configurations are designed and it is important to find out the most suitable gantry crane designs for your particular applications.

In terms of crane production materials, the mobile gantry cranes can be grouped into steel small gantry crane and and aluminum portable gantry crane. The aluminum gantry crane is a lightweight gantry crane with high corrosion resistance. The selection of the steel or aluminum gantry cranes are decided based on your specific needs, such as, lifting capacity and lifting height etc.

  • Rail mounted portable gantry crane - The rail type portable gantry crane are travelling on rail fixed on the ground for heavier loads handling. The rail type portable gantry crane is not so convenient to be moved and manipulated than the wheel mounted portable gantry crane with with higher lifting capacity. Track-mounted gantries is generally used for heavy loads handling over a fixed route, either manual or motorized.
  • Wheel mounted gantry crane - With 360°rotation wheels, the wheel mounted portable gantry crane is easier to move with high efficiency. The mini roller gantry crane is extremely popular for material handling in small workshops and warehouses and other extensive applications.
  • Fixed height portable gantry crane - the lifting height and span of fixed portable gantry crane are fixed and cannot be adjusted as needed.
  • Adjustable height portable gantry crane- the lifting height of the mobile gantry crane is adjustable based on application requirements, which is more flexible and widely applied in workshop or warehouses where loads is required to go through aisles, doorways, around obstacles, and over or under obstruction,or in welding and fabrication shop where the fixed or adjustable gantries need to hoist parts and equipment into position.

General structures & components

Portable gantry cranes are mainly consisted of gantry frame steel structure, i.e, gantry main girder, supporting legs, electric organ, lifting mechanism, either electric or manual, and movable wheels, etc. .In the following, the main structure and main components and prats of small portable gantry cranes are presented for your reference, For customized mobile gantry cranes, please feel free to contact us.

Features of mini mobile gantry cranes

For heavy materials handing, it is not necessary to install expensive equipment or to change your facility permanently. Portable gantry crane with capacity up to 10 tons can help you do the hoisting work efficiently and economically.

  • Portable - No permanent installation required, the light-weight gantry crane can move around anywhere freely with the help of casters or rollers which is ideal for a rent or lease workshop or facility. With portable gantry design, the movable gantry crane is able to be relocated and used in more applications.
  • Adjustable - With height adjustable gantry design , the portable gantry crane provides the largest flexibility for various loads handling during crane operation. Adjustable portable gantry crane can realize adjustment quickly and simply. .
  • Flexible -Without permanent installation, the portable gantry crane can be easily and rapidly assembled and relocated. With adjustable design, the portable gantry cranes is able to handle loads of different sizes, with adjustable lifting height, ensuring optimal productivity in your facility.
  • Stable - Mobile gantry cranes provides a very stable base with a heavy duty end frame design and square tubing uprights, knee braces and channel base, etc. All nuts, bolts, and pins of the small gantry cranes are plated with corrosion resistance And all gantries are designed and manufactured in accordance with the relative national regulations and rules and based on the particular requirements of customers to ensure the high safety and quality of the small gantry crane.

Regular single girder gantry crane v.s Portable single girder gantry crane

Small portable gantry crane for sale
Small portable gantry crane for sale

Regular Electric hoist Single Girder Gantry Crane

  1. Strong box girder, suitable for heavier loads handling indoor and outdoor
  2. Crane girder can be designed with two side cantilever, one side cantilever or no cantilever. Lifting height is fixed and can not be changed.
  3. Regular gantry crane is travelling on rail fixed on ground, with less flexibility.
  4. Lifting hoist: Electric wire rope hoist, electric chain hoists

Portable Single Girder Gantry Crane

  1. Light beam girder and light type support leg for lighter material handling indoor and outdoor.
  2. With no cantilever, and shorter crane span. With adjustable design, the lifting height of portable cranes can be adjusted.
  3. Portable gantry crane is equipped with moveable wheels, with high flexibility, for it can be moved in any directions easily .
  4. Lifting hoist: Electric wire rope hoist, electric chain hoist & manual hoist

Application of small portable gantry cranes

Due to the reliable and versatile designs, the small portable gantry cranes provide an excellent and cost-effective crane solution for many applications. Generally, the small rolling gantry cranes are widely used under the following conditions:

  • Loads handling is needed anywhere in a building or facility where an overhead travelling crane is required.
  • When a forklift, standard gantry crane or other overhead travelling bridge cranes solution are expensive.
  • Material handling in a particular place, taking advantages of the safety of a gantry crane
  • Over machines for maintaining work and material handling, using a safer portable crane alternative instead of a forklift
  • Anywhere an overhead material handling equipment is needed on an infrequent basis

Portable gantry cranes are excellent choices for applications where you need a portable, movable and economical way in your workshops or factories for material handling, such as, workshop, warehouse, shipyard, freight yard, workstation, garage, moulding plant, mine, construction site ,welding and fabrication factory, and some other occasions etc.

Small gantry crane with portable gantry design with rollers with capacity up to 7.5 tons

Confirm portable gantry crane specifications & get cost-effective crane price

Mobile gantry cranes are a cost-effective alternative to a permanent overhead travelling crane systems with the features of light-weight, versatile, and economical. With customized gantry crane design, the portable gantry cranes can be used widely without high crane cost. The engineered portable cranes is easy to use, simple to assemble and dismantle and very practical as the portable cranes can be used indoors and outdoors.

Main parameters of small movable gantry cranes

On confirm the main parameters of the movable gantry crane, the following small gantry crane parameters are needed to give your specific and accurate gantry crane price.

  • Capacity of portable gantry:____?
  • Overall span/ width of portable gantry:____?
  • Clear span/ inner width of portable gantry:____?
  • Overall height of portable gantry:____?
  • Underbeam height of portable gantry:____?

Hoist configuration

Hoist driven type of small portable gantry crane:

  • Up and down ;Manual hoist or electric hoist
  • Horizontal movement: Manual hoist or electric hoist

Travelling mode of small portable gantry crane:

  • Rail mounted travelling small gantry crane
  • Trackless electric walking/ motor driven small gantry crane
  • Hand push to travel

Free consultation on small gantry cranes are available. Send us an inquiry on the small portable gantry crane to get your tailored small portable gantry crane, process crane design drawing and specific small gantry crane price.

6.3 ton overhead crane kit for sale Philippines, complete single girder top running overhead crane system, low headroom design for workshop indoor use.

Free consultation to Confirm Parameters & Specifications and Get

Latest Crane Price & Crane Rate.

  • Types of overhead cranes : _______?
  • Optional: Overhead travelling crane, goliath gantry crane,Slewing jib crane, Single girder or double girder crane,small portable crane or kbk crane, etc.
  • Capacity of overhead crane: _______?
  • Optional: 0.25ton, 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 2 ton, 3ton, 5 ton, 10 ton,15ton, 20ton, 25 ton, 30ton,35ton, up to 550ton, etc.
  • Crane span & lifting height : _______?
  • Crane travelling length : _____?
  • Control of overhead crane:_______?
  • Optional: pendant/ remote/cabin control
  • Voltage supply of overhead crane:_____?
  • Eg,: 380V50/60HZ,3Phase or others,etc.
  • Application/usage of crane:_______?
  • Eg,: Steel mill, ,injection mold, cement,stone, concrete,granite, general manufacturing, etc.
  • Just leave a message via the contact form and our hoist and crane engineer will contact you with in 24working hours.

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