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Crane Inspection & Maintenance

Crane inspection &maintenance , a life time care to your overhead travelling cranes

Crane inspection and maintenance are effective way to improve the safety and productivity of your overhead travelling cranes, gantry cranes, and jib cranes through a series of preventive inspections, routine maintenance, and corrective maintenance, and modernization service. A lifetime care crane services are available for you.

Crane maintenance services

Urgent repair to unexpected equipment failure or breakdown will result in unplanned downtime, serious delay of production and delivery time, and significant costs. To prevent the unexpected failure and breakdown, our life time care and worry free maintenance service will help you to conduct regular maintenance, corrective maintenance, moderation services to lower maintenance costs and extend crane working life.

Overhead Crane Installation

Benefits of crane maintenance services

  • Lowest failure rate
  • Extend crane service life
  • To ensure excellent crane operation and efficiency
  • Eliminate hidden hazard maximally
  • Reduce energy consumption

For maintenance services, our crane service engineers can be assigned to your plant to conduct crane maintenance and will provide you a comprehensive and detailed inspection report to help you ensure the safety and good conditions of the lifting cranes.And also you can make your own maintenance plan completely according to the realistic circumstances.

Preventive Inspection Service

Preventive inspection service is provided to eliminate the potential hazards to prevent unexpected crane downtime which is an effective way and economical way to ensure crane safety, stability and prevent significant loss. Our preventive inspection services is also an effective solution to the problem that there is no zero-distance crane services available in case of no cooperative service provider or agent around the area of your overhead travelling crane projects.

Our preventive inspection and maintenance service usually will be conducted at about a half year later since your overhead travelling cranes have been put into operation and will be carried out by 1 or 2 experienced professional crane engineers who will fly to your location and stay for 2 or 3 days according to the complexity of the equipment. The preventive inspections and maintenance plan will be formulated beforehand to the downtime will not affect your production.

Generally, the spare parts of the consumable crane parts are highly recommended to purchased when buying an overhead travelling cranes. Actually, even the top quality products do require regular inspection and maintenance. Effective preventive inspections and maintenance will ensure your overhead travelling cranes in good conditions and improve your productivity.

Overhead Crane Installation

Crane inspection & crane repair maintenance services coverage

Our crane maintenance and crane repair services are provided for all of our cranes and hoists equipment mainly including Overhead Crane Gantry Crane,Jib Crane and Hoist, etc. And the coverage of crane maintenance and crane repair are including the following;

  • Preventive Maintenance & Compliance Inspections
  • Crane Repair- Planned Maintenance Services-
  • Crane Parts- Crane and Hoist Parts
  • Upgrades & Retrofits, Crane Rebuilds & Overhauls
  • Crane Reliability Survey, Crane Runway Survey, Electrical/Machinery Inspections
  • Wire Rope Inspection, Overhead Crane Gear Case Inspection
  • Critical Components Assessment, Hoist Coupling Assessment,Hook Assessment, Motor Assessment,Crane Diagnostics, etc.

To ensure the long and stable performance, regular equipment inspection and maintenance are essential. Once or twice of normal inspections and yearly consumable crane parts replacements for frequently used lifting equipment are required to the crane users. If you need any maintenance services, please feel free to contact us to confirm details and cost.

We take care each and every crane and hoists we manufactured and provided. The records and files of overhead cranes , gantry crane, jib cranes and crane hoists are well kept in order to provide efficient spare parts supply service, remote technical consulting services and to make sure the excellent crane performance at the your site.

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