Frequently Asked Questions

There are several frequently ask questions and simplified answers about overhead travelling cranes, gantry cranes and jib cranes for your reference. If your questions are not covered in the following or you want to get detailed information, please feel free to contact us. Our 24 hours / 7 days on line services are all for free. Contact us today.

Q.Where is your hoist and crane factory ?

Our hoist and crane factory is located at the Industrial Park of Xinxiang, Henan Province, China. You are welcomed to visit our overhead travelling crane factory to do on site investigation. Please contact us to confirm your itinerary and accommodation and we can arrange the visiting beforehand.

Q.What types of cranes do you fabricate and supply?

Various type of overhead travelling crane, gantry crane, jib cranes, and industrial cranes with process crane designs, etc. As for overhead travelling cranes, there are various crane designs are available including, single girder & double girder overhead travelling crane, top running & underhung overhead travelling cranes, etc.

Q.Which industries have your overhead travelling cranes applied ?

A wide rang of industrial sectors has been supplied such as Machinery, Metallurgy, Electric Power, Railway, Water Conservancy, Port, Aviation, Military, Auto, Shipbuilding, Petroleum, Chemical, Tabulation, Coal, Steel Fabricators, Pre-Cast Concrete, Steel Warehouses, Marble and Stone and other sector, etc.

Q.Which country or area have you serviced?

We have provided overhead travelling cranes solution over 95 countries around world covering European, Africa, Middle-East, Asia, North American, South American, etc.

Q.What international certificate have your overhead travelling cranes passed?

The well recognized certifications includes CE, ISO , GOST , SGS, TUV, BV, and so on.

Q.What is the best lifting crane for my needs?

Based on your specific requirements and application conditions, our crane engineers will work out a tailor crane design to fit your need optimally but without spending any extra money. Contact our free consultation to get specific crane design and crane drawing, please.

Q.Which cranes are most suitable for outdoors?

Gantry cranes are optimal for outdoor applications, which can be designed into single girder gantry crane and double girder gantry crane configurations. As for particular conditions, there are various other possibilities with process crane design. Please confirm your application and requirements with our engineer to get specific material handling crane solution.

Questionson buying hoist & cranes

On buying hoists and cranes, there will be a lot questions will be asked. The general asked questions are presented for your reference. If you have any question , please feel free to contact us.

Q.What's your MOQ of hoist and crane ?

1 Set for overhead travelling crane, gantry crane, jib crane, workstation crane, electric hoist, electric winch, air hoist, air winch and other process cranes, but for manual hoists OR MINI hoist , we have MOQ of 10 sets. What's more, for different spare parts and components, the MOQ is different. More details, please feel free to contact us.

Q.What's your hoist and crane delivery period?

Usually, within 10/25/40 days since the prepayment received and the exact period will be confirmed on the bases of detailed requirements and actual production arrangement, which will be defined in the contract after negotiation.

Q.What's your warranty period?

12 months since the hoists and cranes have been accepted. As for specific hoists, cranes or spare parts, the warranty period will be presented in the contract.

Q.What's your package?

As for the main structures of crane are usually packed in plastic woven cloths and for the small parts, hoist and Spare parts are usually packed in plywood boxes. Customized requirements are available.

Q.Do you provide oversea installation service?

Yes, we offer oversea hoist and crane installation services for various types of cranes and hoists as the request of the clients and customers.

Q.What are the crane attachments or below-the-hooks do you provide?

Various types of crane attachments or blow-the-hooks are available to fit various types of overhead travelling cranes, gantry canes and slewing jib crane to meet the lifting requirements of various applications such as types of slings, lift clamp, grab, garbles, lifting tongs, magnet , pulley blocks, types of hook, c hook, etc.

Q.Whether you can supply technical supports or spare parts in time ?

To better your experiencing with us, we offers 24 hours and 7 days on line services on workdays. And even on the days off, any of your question will be reply within 24 hours. And our technical engineers also can be at your site to offer after sale service on your requests.

As for the crane spare part supply, we offer free spare parts for clients within the warranty period and charges as per cost price when the warranty is invalid. The warranty period is on your contract or please contact us to confirm it.

All of our online support are for free. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us. We will workout an effective way to solve your problems to offering better crane purchasing experience from us.