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As a top crane hoists manufacturer, supplier & distributor, we have various series of crane hoists to meet the lifting requirements of clients and application conditions. According to general classification of crane hoists, the main types of hoists supplied are including the wire rope hoist, chain hoist with different chain falls, ratchet lever hoists, and heavy duty hoist system, and specialized explosion proof crane hoists for hazardous applications, etc.

Wire Rope Hoists & Chain Fall Hoist

>Electric wire rope hoist& electric cable hoist
Electric wire rope hoist 500 kg -63 ton : Types of wire rope hoists designs for overhead hoist cranes- explosion-proof cable hoist, low profile wire hoist , single & double girder hoists for your hoist cranes.
Electric chain hoist, electric chain block, motorized chain fall hoist
Electric chain hoist 500kg -35 ton:Electric chain hoists mounted on hook, lug, manual or electric hoist trolley for types of electric chain hoist cranes with capacity of 500kg, 5 ton, 10 ton, 32 ton. 
Ratchet lever hoists
Ratchet lever hoist0.25-7.5 ton:Lever block, lever hoist, lever puller, ratchet hoists, your handy, efficient & economical manual hoists & hand hoists , high quality, durable & long work life.
Chain blocks
Chain block 0.5 ton -30 ton s :Manual chain block & manual chain hoist for sale. Light,economical & handy manual hoists & hand hoists of 250kg, 1 ton, 1.5 ton , 2 ton , 3 ton , 4 ton , 5 ton , 6 ton,etc
European standard FEM/ DIN hoist
European standard FEM/ DIN standard hoist 1 ton -80 ton :DIN/FEM wire rope hoists - European standard low profile & low headroom hoists - Affordable crane hoists up 80 ton for types of overhead travelling cranes. Check fem standard hoist specifications.
Wire rope hoists with explosion proof
Hazardous application crane hoists/ Explosion proof hoists: Wire rope hoists with explosion proof, flame proof & spark resistant hoist designs to secure your electric hoist cranes.

Electric hoists, Maual Hoist & Air Hoist

As for the powering supply, the crane hoists have the manual type crane hoists, air powered crane hoist, and the most commonly used electric powered crane hoists, etc.

Ratchet lever hoists
Manual hoists : typically used for lighter duty applications where the small hoist and loads can be manoeuvred by hand or a hand-operated system
air hoist for sale
Air hoists& pneumatic hoists: Air powered hoist or air operated hoists with features of explosion proof ,electric shock proof and dust-proof to help material handling with high safety and efficiency
electric hoist, electric powered hoist, motorized hoist
Electric hoists: by far the most common powering method,The electric hoists including electric chain hoist & electric wire rope hoists are available with various power supply including industrial voltage of 380 v-50hz, 400v-50hz, 415v-50hz, 460v-60hz and civilian voltage of 220v 50hz, 230v-50hz, 240v-50hz, etc.

Crane Hoists for All Types of Cranes

As for the applications of hoist cranes, our crane hoists engineers and experts will work out an ideal hoisting solution for your application and operation requirements. No matter what you need, our various of overhead crane hoists, gantry crane hoists, bridge crane hoists, jib hoists, and monorail hoists, kbk crane hoists are applicable for the single girder cranes and double girder cranes in the configuration of overhead hoist cranes, bridge hoist cranes, gantry hoist cranes, slewing jib cranes, and light duty cranes including monorail hoist cranes and kbk cranes,etc. Please help up to confirm the hoist and crane specifications and parameters, we will find the perfect lifting hoist solutions for your needs and applications.
The electric cranes hoists we manufactured and supplied are including the following:

overhead hoist crane
Overhead crane hoists & bridge crane hoists : Wide range of overhead hoists with different power supplies can be used for handling heavy & small load.
gantry hoist crane
Gantry crane hoist : Types of gantry hoists including heavy duty gantry hoists for handling large or bulky materials, as well as portable gantry hoist and a-frame gantry hoist options for lighter requirements.
bridge hoist crane
Bridge crane hoist : A range of& bridge crane hoists & to suit any hoist crane system, suitable for any industrial applications.Check our single girder overhead crane & double girder hoist crane .
jib hoist crane
Jib crane hoists : With various jib hoist types and wide specifications, our hoist and crane engineer can work out a jib crane hoist solution for your specific requirements.
monorail hoist crane
Monorail hoists: Types of monorail hoist with trolley system for Ceiling monorail hoist crane & Free standing monorail hoist crane, a cost-effective hoist crane solution.

How much does a hoist cost to buy? How much is the hoist price and crane rates for your application? As a hi-tech & innovation oriented crane and hoist manufacturer and supplier, we have supplied various crane hoist solutions with full crane services to save your money, time and energy.

Free crane hoist inquiry, valuable consultation Hoist services

Send a free crane hoist inquiry to valuable crane services before crane purchasing to get the best out of our crane hoist investment cost. Our pre- sale crane hoist services including :

  • Free crane hoist consultation to confirm the right type of hoist, accurate crane hoist specifications and good hoist price.
  • Get tailored crane designs and defined CAD hoist drawing for free.
  • Free crane hoist specification pdf brochure & formal hoist quotation sheet.
  • Get a chance to save your crane hoist cost and a tailored overhead lifting solution at best hoist price.

How much does an electric hoist cost to buy? Send us an inquiry to a crane hoist solution to lift your loads and relief your! Send an crane hoist inquiry to your latest electric hoist price now!

Confirm your hoist specification, get your hoist drawing & latest hoist price

To buy crane hoist, the crane hoist specifications have to be confirmed which will affect the crane hoist price largely. To buy 5 ton hoist and 10 ton hoist, you will get the specific 5 ton hoist price and 10 ton hoist price with defined specifications on crane hoist span, lifting height and track travelling length, etc.

Please confirm the crane type and crane hoist specifications to get defined crane hoist drawing and latest crane hoist price. On buying crane hoist, the following main parameters of the crane hoists are needed:

  • Types of hoists: ____ Electric hoist or manual hoist, chain hoist or wire rope hoist
  • Lifting capacity of crane hoist : ____tons. ( 1 ton hoist price, 2 ton hoist price,3 ton hoist price,5 ton hoist price,10 ton hoist price, up to 80 ton hoist price)
  • Lifting height of hoists ____ meters
  • Control methods of crane hoist : Remote control / Panel control
  • Frequency = ____.Voltages = ____.

How much does a chain block cost to buy? Send us an inquiry via the below form to get an chain block hoist solution to lift your loads and relief your burden! Send an chain block hoist inquiry to your free crane hoist specification pdf, free CAD crane hoist drawing, and latest hoist price and chain block price now! WhatsApp/ WeChat: +86 151 3871 1597.

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