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Advanced crane spare parts making lines provide you types of crane parts and components,i.e. overhead crane parts, gantry crane parts, jib cranes parts, parts of a hoist,etc. Parts of a crane and parts of a hoist may define the quality and safety of an overhead travelling crane and a hoist. As an overhead crane manufacturer, to ensure crane quality and production efficiency, we have invested over 120 million RMB to build up an advnaced and intelligent factory where the main parts and componets of overhead crane, gantry crane, jib cranes can be fabricated efficiently and precisely. If you are looking for a spare parts for a crane or hoist, it is right place for you.

Main types of crane parts for sale

Generally speaking, all types of crane parts and componets can be provided including overhead crane parts, gantry crane parts, jib cranes, and hoist parts for all types of overhead travelling cranes, goliath gantry cranes, slewing jib cranes, workstation kbk cranes, workshop cranes, single girder cranes, double girder cranes, European style fem standard cranes and other industrial cranes, etc.

Overhead crane, crane components& accessories

The main spare parts of an overhead crane or overhead travelling crane including the lifting system, controlling system and crane frame, etc.The overhead crane parts and crane components are mainly consisted of main crane girder, end girder or end carriages, electrical resistor, trolley, trolley frame, and hook blocking frame, etc.

Various types of overhead cranes parts and componets are provided for single girder overhead travelling cranes, double girder overhead travelling cranes, top running overhead travelling crane, underhung overhead travelling cranes, and processed industrial cranes, etc. Tailored overhead crane parts and processed overhead crane componets are provided based on your spare part drawing. Contact us to learn more.

Jib crane parts, cranecomponents & accessories

According to the types of slewing jib cranes, different jib crane parts are provided..which are mainly consisted of the crane jib or arm or boom, the jib hoist, column or pillar, base plate, and base bolt, rails, and others, etc.

Various types of jib crane cranes parts and components can be provided for all types of slewing jib cranes, such as, pillar jib cranes, freestanding jib cranes, , wall mounted jib crane, Wall travelling jib crane, and customized jib cranes, etc. Contact us to get your customized jib crane parts based on your jib crane drawing.

Gantry crane parts, crane componennts & accessories

Main parts of gantry crane are including the gantry structure, the travelling mechanism, the trolley and the electric equipment for generally. Various types of gantry cranes parts and componets are provided for all types of gantry cranes, such as, double girder gantry crane, single girder gantry crane, full gantry crane, semi-gantry crane, truss girder gantry crane, box girder gantry crane, rail mounted gantry crane, shipbuilding gantry crane, and small portable gantry crane, etc

How to find the right crane parts for your overhead crane, gantry crane or jib crane?

Crane parts defines your crane quality. It is important to ensure the quality of overhead crane parts, gantry crane parts, jib cranes and make clear of the brand and molds of spare parts supplier for the sake of future maintenence and crane upgradation. How to find the right crane spare parts for your lifting crane? Here two conditions confronted;

1) Simply buy the needed crane spare parts from your original overhead crane manufacturer or from the original overhead crane parts supplier. 2) If the original overhead crane supplier or manufacturer is not able to provided spare parts you need in case of product upgradation or no longer in business, it is necessary to, go through the following steps to get the right replacement crane parts for your overhead crane, gantry crane, and jib crane: 1) Analyze the requirement for modification or parts replacement based on current usage of the overhead crane, which includes

  • Analysis of crane spare parts condition. The conditions of the existingoverhead crane parts have to been analysised and evaluated by specialist.
  • On-site Dimensions. Measure overhead crane parts on site and the rough drawing of the overhead crane parts need to be completed on site, too.
  • Original drawing analysis. The Original equipment manufacturer drawing available will be studied.
  • Make a modernization plan and time frame.
  • Get ready of the needed material for crane parts fabrication.
  • Get replacement overhead crane parts be manufactured and installed.

With new spare parts, your overhead cranes and gantry cranes will prolong its services life , strengthen safety, and improve operation efficiency. As for crane parts manufactuing and supplying, you can not miss us. Learn more please feel free to contact us. WhatsApp: + 86 151 38711597.

Advantages & Benifits

We have our own processing line for the fabrication of crane parts and crane components which enable us have the following advantages: 1) Provide efficient control on the quality of crane parts and components to ensure every each parts are qualified. 2)Plentity of stocks and efficient processing arrangement can ensure the delivery time of the the parts of a crane to ensure your time frame and best return of your investment.

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