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Light duty and light weighted crane system are available with various crane configurations sunch as, lightweight overhead crane system, lightweight gantry crane system, light duty jib crane, kbk light duty crane system and monorail cranes, etc. Light crane systems are widely used to handle light duty loads with capacity from 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, 6ton, 8 ton, 10 ton and up to 20 ton, with the features of small size, light weight, simple operation,and wide range of application,etc.

Main types of light duty cranes

According to different crane configurations, light duty cranes can be grouped into the following main types to meet various applications. And also customized small cranes are also available.

Lightweight overhead crane system

  • European Underhung Lightweight Overhead Crane - 1 ton -10 ton underhung light crane, light single girder overhead crane design, suspended on overhead roof, free floor space, economical underhung lightweight overhead crane.
  • Chinese Type Underhung Lightweight Overhead Crane- Single girder underslung light crane design, CD/MD wire rope hoists, 1 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton 10 ton underhung & under running lightweight overhead crane , Chinese crane factory.
  • Monorail light duty overhead crane - A monorail crane also known as monorails is a lightweight overhead crane system with a single beam and a hoist with the features of simple structure and economical cost.
  • Manual lightweight overhead crane -Manual lightweight overhead cranes for light loads lifting without electric power in single girder & double girder, top running & underhung manual lightweight overhead crane designs.

Lightweight gantry crane

  • Portable lightweight gantry crane - 250 kg - 10 ton portable gantry cranes & mobile gantry cranes with adjustable / fixed gantry for small & light material handling. Get portable gantry crane rolling now!
  • Adjustable lightweight gantry crane - Adjustable gantry cranes with height adjustable gantry design & portable gantry design , your most flexible & cost-effective small gantry crane solutions for light duty material handling,etc.
  • Foldable aluminum gantry crane- 0.5 ton – 5 tons foldable aluminium gantry crane are designed for transporting and lifting loads to meet medium and small factory daily production need. The small aluminium gantry crane can move easily, disassemble and install quickly, cover little area.
  • Portable aluminum gantry crane - Light duty gantry crane is light in weight, simple in structure, easy to disassemble and assemble, and the lightweight gantry crane is mostly used in various clean rooms and laboratories.

Light duty jib crane

Light duty jib crane is a type of small light duty jib crane for light material handling in workshops or outdoors. The light duty jib crane is your portable material handling solution with high cost-effectiveness.

  • Floor mounted jib crane also named floor jib crane or free standing jib crane is one of the popular types of light duty jib cranes which is usually mounted on the ground floors, grouped into the concrete foundation type jib crane and foundation-less light duty jib cranes,etc.
  • Wall mounted light duty jib cranes is a type of small jib crane which is mounted on walls or columns, therefor it is also called column mounted jib crane or column light duty jib cranes.
  • Wall travelling light duty jib cranes is a types of wall light duty jib cranes which is travelling on rails, installed and attached on the walls of build facilities.
  • Portable jib crane also called movable jib crane, or roller jib crane / rolling jib crane,which is small light duty jib crane for light material handling in workshops or outdoors. The light duty portable jib crane is your portable material handling solution with high cost-effectiveness.

KBK light crane system

KBK light crane system includes KBK monorail suspension crane, KBK single girder suspension crane, KBK double girder suspension crane, KBK telescopic girder suspension crane, KBK stacker crane, rigid kbk light crane system system, and combined-type kbk light crane systems, and other forms, etc.

  • Monorail kbk light crane systems- Light duty workstation crane solution for linear transport
  • Flexible single girder & double girder kbk light crane system - The kbk light crane system system with single girder crane design offers favourable dimension and low deadweight while the double girder kbk light crane system offers large lifting heights, spans and high load capacities.
  • Rigid kbk light crane system system - Light duty kbk system with rigid truss crane design, providing a high quality workstation crane solution with long life but with minimum of maintenance.
  • Overhung extending cranes& telescopic crane - A kbk light crane system with telescopic beam can be extended at one or both side up to 2.5 m which enables the kbk telescopic beam crane to handle loads outside the working area of main beamand make the difficult material handling close to columns or other obstacles possible and easy.
  • KBK stacker cranes - A double girder kbk light crane system with suspension crane design and a specialized stacker trolley is usually adopted for material handling with the operations of in-stock, out-stock, transport, sort, store and access in rack warehouse, stores and workshops, etc.

The kbk modular crane system can be designed and assembled flexibly with the modular kbk light crane system kits components which offers maximum flexibility for greater planning freedom to meet various different applications . Contact us to get your customized modular kbk light crane system.

Lighted weighted Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane & Jib Crane Manufacturer & Supplier

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