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Crane Refurbishment

Crane upgrade and refurbishment service renew your overhead crane cost-effectively

Crane upgrade and refurbishment is one of the most economical way to renew your overhead travelling crane with new and advanced crane features, extend your crane service life and enhance crane safety. With expertise in crane design, fabrication, installation, maintenance and refurbishment, we are capable of upgrade your overhead travelling crane accordingly after serious crane evaluation.

Crane upgrade and refurbishment program

To upgrade and refurbish your overhead travelling cranes, it may be required crane maintenance, modifications and replacement of the crane travelling part, electric part, hoisting part, mechanical,components, metal part, main beam girder lengthening and other structures, all of which should be tested and conducted on the bases of your crane conditions and national standards and regulations.

  • Crane hoists to be refurbished or re-manufactured.
  • Renew the engineering system to meet new lifting requirements.
  • Modify your overhead crane structure to increase the lifting capacity of your overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane,etc.
  • crane controlling systems, electric systems, etc.
  • Tailored crane refurbishment and modifications are available to meet your specific requirements and conditions.

Crane transformation and modification should be conducted accordingly to make sure the upgraded and refurbished overhead travelling cranes meet the standards and offer high safety, reliability and better working efficiency.

When to Upgrade your Crane?

When to upgrade or refurbish your overhead travelling cranes? Usually crane upgradation and refurbishments is a cost-effective and time saving solution when you are encounter the following conditions:

  • Extend the working life of your overhead crane, gantry crane, jib cranes
  • In wanting of replacing the old existing overhead travelling crane with lower cost lifting solutions
  • The main and core spare parts of the existing overhead travelling cranes reach their service life
  • Maintenance cost for your current material handling cranes is too high
  • The existing crane can not meet the growing  productivity of your business
  • The current overhead travelling cranes are not adaptable to your new material handling requirements
  • The current crane are not allowed by the newly changed crane statutory requirements in your areas, etc.

In various conditions, overhead crane refurbishment and modification are adopted to provide a cost-effective and time-saving lifting crane solution. If you have any doubt or question, please feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you. Maybe there are chances we can help to save your crane cost.

Benifits of Crane Upgrading

Why to upgrade your overhead travelling crane? For crane refurbishment and upgradation are very beneficiary in various aspects:

Extend crane service life and better crane performance

Upgrade and replace crane hoists, trolleys, crane control, and other parts and components, the performance of the existing overhead travelling crane are improved and crane services life are extended and crane safety are enhanced.

Cost-effective and time-saving solution to renew your crane with advance crane parts

Crane upgrading is a more cost-effective and time-saving solution comparing with buying a new overhead travelling crane. Through crane refurbishment, the current overhead cranes can be equipped with crane parts and components with advanced crane technology, lower crane price and less time to improve your crane safety, reliability,and crane operation performance.

Increase crane reliability, safety and productivity

  • Crane refurbishment will improve the crane operation stability, reduce downtime risks, effectively prevent injuries or damage to facilities, materials or products to improve your productivity
  • Crane upgrading will increase the safety of crane operation and crane operator and help you comply with current safety regulations.
  • Experienced overhead crane manufacturer are capable of ensuring your overhead travelling crane with long-term operating reliability.

Does your overhead travelling crane need to be upgrade or refurbished? We can recommend you an optimal upgrade plan based on your  current crane conditions, application situations, and carefully assessment on your crane structural integrity, mechanical sytems and electrical devices,, load requirements, and maintenance records,etc.

Do you need to upgrade your overhead crane, gantry crane, or jib crane? Contact us to see what we can do for you and chance we may save your money on buying an new overhead travelling crane.

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