Plastic & Rubber

In the sectors of rubber & plastic, the industrial hoists and overhead travelling crane solutions are adopted to improve material handling efficiency and productivity. Due to the specialized industrial application, we have developed series of industrial overhead travelling cranes and industrial hoist system with high quality, durability and high precision to help your the material handling in very phase of the plastic and rubber sectors. Tailored industrial hoist and crane solution are available.

Why industrial crane and hoists system are needed?

In the plastic and rubber production sector, the use of industrial overhead cranes and hoist systems are very demanding due to the following factors:

  • Various types of tools with different sizes are adopted and the flexible and durable industrial cranes solutions are used to help instaltion and maintenance, etc.
  • Due to larger & heavy machines in existing facilities, there is a limited space within the manufacturing section and overhead lifting equipment are required badly.
  • With advanced material handling equipment, the efficiency will be improved which will have a better utilization of the machines and times. With customized industrial cranes and hoists, the particular material handling works can be completed efficiently and safely.

Our tailored industrial overhead travelling cranes and industrial hoist system can fully meet your material handling requirements of the rubber and plastic industry, With features of high quality, durability and safety, our industrial cranes and hoists are widely used in very phase of the plastic and rubber sectors. In your are in need of overhead travelling cranes and hoists for raw material handling, mold handling or die exchange or maintenance , please feel free to contact us.

Industrial cranes and hoists system for your plastic and rubber plants

For rubber and plastic industries, the frequently used industrial overhead travelling crane systems includes the general use overhead cranes, A- frame gantry cranes, and slewing Jib Cranes, KBK cranes and types of electric hoists, including industrial chain hoist and wire rope hoists and other types of crane and hoists, etc.

Cranes that are common in rubber & plastic industry:

  • Bridge crane,with single girder or double girder crane design with capacity even up to 40 tonnes
  • Monorail hoist and monorail cranes with capacity up to 5 000 kg
  • Gantry cranes with capacity up to 3 200 kg
  • Light overhead KBK cranes with capacity up to 2 000 kg
  • Processed cranes for every specialized industrial applications with any capacity.

As one of the best crane manufactuer and supplier in China, we offer crane sevices for turnkey crane projects ie.overhead, gantry & jib cranes and other travelling cranes from crane degin, manufactuering & installation, and crane parts supplying, etc.

We can provide overhead material handling crane solutions for plastic plants which produce the following types of plastics:

  • Plastic granulation, which is divided into general plastics, engineering plastics and special plastics according to different uses.
  • General purpose plastics: polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polyester, polyurethane, etc.
  • Engineering plastics: nylon, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyoxymethylene, polycarbon silicone, etc.
  • Special plastics: thermosetting plastics, functional polymer plastics.
Single girder overhead crane for material handling in plastic injection workshop and maintenance workshop

Single girder overhead crane for material handling in plastic injection workshop and maintenance workshop

Top running overhead cranes for plastic workshop storages and material handling

Top running overhead cranes for plastic workshop storages and material handling 

Contact us to get tailored overhead crane design, free CAD overhead crane drawing, defined overhead crane specifications for your particular application with lower overhead crane costs & good overhead crane price. Send an overhead crane inquiry to your latest eot crane price now!

Industrial crane systems for your application

Our industrial canes and hoists are adopted in various phases of rubber and plastic industries. From huge amount of raw material handling to heavy duty components handling, our industrial overhead travelling cranes systems with customized crane designs and configurations can well meet your industrial applications and lifting requirements with high efficiency and safety.

Industrial crane systems for raw material handling & in-house logistics

In the production of rubber and plastic products, the overhead travelling cranes and hoists play a key role in raw material handling and in the in-house logistics with features of safe, reliable and efficient. For example, the overhead hoists and cranes with exceptional lift heights are adopted to handle large bags of plastic pellets for the initial plastic production process.

Industrial crane systems for mold handling or die exchanging & maintenance

In the process of plastic extrusion, the installation of the interchangeable precision-made dies are necessary, which needs accurate and safe placement onto industrial press systems. With our high precision overhead crane solutions , the installation and maintenance of extruding mold and die exchanging can be conducted with no deviation.

If you are in need of high performance industrial crane and hoist systems to handle and maintain your equipment or components precisely and gently , please feel free to contact us. With our wide range of industrial electric hoist and overhead crane equipment , we can deliver the right lifting solution for all applications, and especially for the critical applications. Send us an inquiry now.

Hoist & Cranes offering for platic industry

0.25 ton to 550 ton overhead cranes for wide industrial applications. Types of overhead cranes with different crane configuration, ie, Top running overhead cranes , Under hung or overhead cranes, and free standing overhead KBK cranes, with various crane bridge girder designs, including single girder, double girder ,box girder, Beam girder, monorails, etc., are manufactured and supplied for industrial material handling in various workshops and workstations, etc.

Single girder overhead travelling crane for plastic and rubber industry

Single girder overhead travelling crane for plastic plant

Single girder overhead crane designs, various single girder crane hoists, economical single girder overhead crane price, ideal overhead travelling crane solution.

Double girder overhead travelling crane price

Double girder overhead travelling crane for plastic production workshop

Double girder overhead cranes -overhead travelling hoist crane & open winch crane - with below the hook lifting devices, grab, magnet, spreader,C hook, etc.

FEN standard open winch crane for plastic and rubber industry

FEN standard open winch crane for low headroom plastic workshop

FEM/ DIN open winch bridge crane-European standard double girder overhead crane with open winch trolley, your heavy duty winch crane up to 320 ton.

European style single girder overhead crane for plastic and rubber industry

European style single girder overhead crane

European standard overhead hoist crane,single girder overhead cranes, compact FEM hoist crane design, small & light overhead hoist crane.

Suspension crane price

Suspension crane & underhung overhead crane, ceiling mounted crane for plastic industry

Double/ single girder suspension cranes, ceiling mounted crane system, economical underslung bridge crane solution. Get free Suspension crane design for your ceiling now.

Light duty KBK crane & Workstation crane for plastic and rubber industry

Light duty KBK crane & workstation crane

kbk light crane systems, flexible kbk crane & rigid kbk crane, modular crane design, cost-effective workstation crane solution, tailored light duty bridge crane.

Electric chain hoist

Electric chain hoist

Electric chain hoists mounted on hook, lug, manual or electric hoist trolley for types of electric chain hoist cranes with capacity of 500kg, 5 ton, 10 ton, 32 ton.

Electric wire rope hoist

Electric wire rope hoist

Types of wire rope hoists designs for overhead hoist cranes- explosion-proof cable hoist, low profile wire hoist & single & double girder hoists for your hoist cranes.

Air Hoist & Pneumatic Hoist

Air Hoist & Pneumatic Hoist

Safe & fast air operated hoists. Air hoist & pneumatic hoist is a compressed air powered hoist & air operated hoists,wide specification, good price.

Double girder gantry crane for plastic and rubber industry

Double girder gantry crane

Double girder gantry crane specifications: Capacity: 5 ton - 500 ton, Span Length: 12~35m, Working Class: A5, A6.Ask for double girder gantry crane price.

single girder gantry crane price

Single girder gantry crane

Single girder gantry crane specifications: Capacity: 1ton-20ton, Span Length: 8~30m, Working Class: A3, A4. Ask for single girder gantry crane price.

Singl Leg Semi Gantry crane for plastic and rubber industry

Singl Leg Semi Gantry Crane

Semi gantry crane designs, single leg gantry cranes, save half gantry crane cost with existing workshop.Semi gantry cranes & semi goliath cranes for sale.

Pillar jib crane price

Floor mounted slewing jib crane

Free standing jib crane-Pillar mounted jib crane is a free standing jib crane with pillar jib mounted on floor, for short & crowded lifting, capacity up to 16 ton.

Wall mounted jib crane price

Wall mounted jib crane

Wall mounted jib crane & wall bracket jib crane with I beam & tie rod design for light duty handling with capacity up 2 ton. or less building structure changes.

Wall travelling jib crane price

Wall travelling jib crane

Wall travelling jib crane, a perfect & economical cantilever wall travelling crane for light & long distance lifting. Wall travelling jib crane, your efficient light duty crane!

Movable & Portable Jib crane for plastic and rubber industry

Movable & Portable Jib Crane

Portable jib crane on wheels/ rollers, self-supportive jib mobile crane design, no foundation, wide application. Mobile jib crane & Movable jib crane for sale, economical & profitable.

Aluminium gantry crane for plastic and rubber industry

Aluminium gantry cranes

500kg -10 ton fixed gantry crane, a type of aluminum gantry crane with stationary design, with no rail & castors. Light, Foldable, Easy use & Assembly.

Portable gantry crane price

Light Crane or Small Crane

Light Crane System Small, Portable & Economical,i.e.,lightweight overhead crane system,lightweight gantry crane,light duty jib crane for all you needs.

Article by Bella ,who has been in the hoist and crane field since 2016. Bella provides overhead crane & gantry crane consultation services for clients who need a customized overhead travelling crane solution.Contact her to get free consultation.