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Pillar Jib Crane

Pillar mounted jib crane is a free standing jib crane with pillar jib mounted on floor, for short & crowded lifting, capacity up to 16 ton. Get pillar mounted jib crane design now!

Crane Type Pillar jib crane with free standing jib design
Crane Capacity 0.25 ton to 16 ton
Arm Length up to 16 m
Lifting Height up to 12
Rotating Degree 180, 270, or 360 degree

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Pillar Jib & Pillar Mounted Jib Design
Free Standing Jib Cranes

Pillar mounted jib cranes is a type of free standing jib crane with the crane pillar mounted on the floor foundation,without other supporting of the facility, used for short distance material handling or as an economical supplemental overhead travelling crane solution for crowded place. With custom pillar mounted jib crane design and180 degree to 360 degree rotating jib cantilever arm, the pillar crane with electric or manual hoists can lift and transport loads, efficiently in semi circles or full circles centered around the floor mounted pillar in work cells for general material handling with capacity up to 10 ton and slewing jib cantilever length up to 16 meters. Various custom pillar jib crane designs with wide crane specifications and parameters are available.

 pillar jib crane

Main parameters of pillar jib crane

The pillar mounted jib crane is a type of small and medium duty freestanding crane with the pillar or column mounted or installed on the floor foundation, without any support from the building. The lifting capacity of floor mounted jib crane ranges from 0.5 ton to 10 tons and the working class is A3. The main crane specifications of free standing jib crane are for your reference.

Main parameters of freestanding floor mounted jib crane:

  • Safe working load free standing jib crane:up to 16 tons
  • Crane rotation of free standing jib crane: 180, 270, or 360 degree
  • Arm length of free standing jib crane : up to 16 m
  • Hoisting system of free standing jib crane: Double speed/single speed wire rope hoist or chain hoist
  • Hoisting heights of free standing jib crane : up to 12 m (floor to underside of boom)
  • Working temperature of free standing jib crane : -20~+40℃
  • Control model of free standing jib crane : Pendant handle, remote and cabin
  • Applications of free standing jib crane : Widely used in all kinds of industry
  • Power supply of free standing jib crane : AC 380V, 50HZ, 3P

Components & structure of pillar jib crane

The floor mounted pillar jib cranes are designed to stand on the floor all by themselves with a foundation mounted on the floor but without any other support from the workshop building. The floor mounted pillar jib crane is mainly consisted of supporting pillar column ,and a horizontal cantilever arm, with hoisting system , rotating devices and safety devices, etc.

Jib crane foundation designs

Pillar jib crane foundation designs

The free standing pillar jib crane is designed to stand on themself with a floor mounted foundation, which usually comes into 3 different types: Bolt-type base plate mounted foundation, Insert mount foundation or sleeve insert mounted foundation.

  • Bolt typebase-plate mount foundation is the first and most frequently used jib crane foundation design, the pillar of the jib crane has a base-plate, bolted to the concrete floor securely.
  • Insert mount foundation is with a permanent pillar jib crane foundation with the jib column mounted within the concrete floor for a permanent crane solution.
  • Insert sleeve mounted pillar jib crane foundation is designed to construct a separate steel sleeve installed permanently in the concrete floor., which enables the jib to be slid into or removed out of the sleeve quickly and easily.

Jib crane foundation designs

With the favorable pillar jib crane design and floor mounted crane foundation, the free standing jib crane is able to offer large capacity, longer cantilever length and greater rotation range, comparing with wall mounted jib crane and, which is a good option for various workstation applications with customized designs.

Jib cantilever designs of pillar jib cranes

The jib cantilever can be designed into various types such as I beam type, box girder with I beam type, tid rod type or other customized type, etc.The hoisting system are available from the options of manual hoists, electric wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, & fem standard hoists, etc.

Rotating system & jib hoists system of pillar jib cranes

Slewing motion of slewing pillar mounted jib crane can be operated manually or electrically.

Various type of jib hoist options are available, such as, manual jib hoist, geared trolley jib hoist,, electrical chain hoist, motorized trolley jib hoist and other types of jib hoist designs, etc.

With years of studying and expediencies in jib crane design and manufacturing, pillar mounted jib cranes with customized designs are available, such as small pillar jib crane, heavy duty pillar jib crane, electric floor mounted jib crane, and manual pillar jib crane, 180, 270, or 360 degree rotating pillar jib crane, etc. All of our floor mounted jib crane are designed and processed to offer customized overhead jib crane solution with high quality at cost-effective crane price. Contact us to get more information on individualized free standing jib crane design and jib crane price.

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Features & advantages of pillar jib cranes

Floor mounted jib cranes with free standing jib crane designs are widely used in various industrial applications due to the following features and advantages:

High efficiency, good jib crane price.

Floor mounted jib crane offers high efficiency overhead travelling solution for short-distance, material handling with high frequency and intensity but with relative low crane price compared with overhead bridge cranes and gantry cranes.

Maximum versatility, wide application

Free standing pillar jib crane is one of the most versatile cranes, which can be used almost anywhere indoors or outdoors, either all by themselves or functioned as a supplementary lifting equipment of other types of overhead travelling crane in a assembly lines in various applications. The installation and relocation of free standing jib cranes are very simple without disassembling.

Compact design, light weight, easy installation and transportation

Withcompact structure design , the free standing jib cranes has light dead weight and simple structure which improves thespace utilization rateof working areas, narrows hook operation distanceand makes the crane installation and transportation easy and simple.

Smooth, fast loading, excellent performance

Withstep-lessfrequency conversion control system , the floor mounted jib cranes can move loads smoothly and steadily,locate the loads quickly & accurately,brake stablyto handle your material handling with highperformand reliability.

Ease of operation

Crane pendentcontrol and remote controls are optional, the operation of which is very easy, simple and accurate which will reduce the damage caused by miss-operation which will eventually improve the safety and prolong the working lifting.

Safer, reliable, using free maintenance design

With advanced crane designs and technology, the floor mounted jib crane is with high safety and efficiency. With perfect braking systems and various safety devices such as emergency stop button, overload limiters, height limiters thesafety and reliabilityof pillar mounted jib cranes are improved. With dust-proof design,the pillar cranes can reach up a long working life. With hardened and polished tooth surface, the operation of jib crane are smoothand are free from maintenance.

Application of pillar jib crane

The free standingjib cranes can be used almost anywhere indoors or outdoors.The floor mounted jib cranes are goodchoices for material handlingin short-distance within the coverage circleof the jib cantilever.Free standing jib crane also can be functioned as a supplementary solution of a large overhead travelling cranein various applications.

However, regularfree standing jib cranes are not supposed to be used in hazardousapplications where is inflammable, explosive, and corrosive, etc, What's more, standard pillar crane are not suitable for loads such as molten metalor materials with features of toxic and inflammable and explosive, etc.

Specifically, Pillar jib cranes are widely usedin various industries such as workstations,, warehouse, workshop, storage,dock, yard, construction sites and other places where the pillar crane can be installed.

Pillar jib crane withe electric wire rope hoist-  Pillar mounted jib hoist crane

Free standing electric jib crane - Pillar mounted jib hoist crane series

Light duty pillar jib crane with electric chain hoist - Pillar mounted jib hoist crane with kbk cantilever design

Pillar mounted jib crane- Pillar jib crane with vacuum lifter for steel plate handling 

Process pillar jib crane design, economical free standing jib crane price

Customizedpillarjib cranes with process crane design and particular jib crane specifications for your specific applications are the most cost-effective crane solutions.

Parts and components of pillar jib cranes: 1: lifting hoist, 2. upper rotating system, 3. pillar column, 4, jib bolts

In order to give your specific quotation quickly, could you please send us the inquiry with the details of the jib crane for us to quoteof wall mounted jib crane:

  • The type of the jib crane:
  • Lifting capacity of pillar jib crane: ____?
  • Lifting height of pillar jib crane: ____?
  • Valid Radius (the jib length) of pillar jib crane:____?
  • Installation type: 1) Embedded concrete colts, 2. Concrete floor, 3. Poured concrete ground.
  • It will be depending to the application situation of your work place.
  • Rotating Type: 1) Manual 2) Electric
  • Hoisting trolley type: 1)Manual 2) Electric
  • The rotating angleo f pillar jib crane:180, 270, 360 or other degree?
  • The power voltageof pillar jib crane:____( 380v50Hz 3phase)

If you do not know about how to select the jib crane, please feel free to leave us a message or email to us. The reply of our jib crane engineer will be given within 24 hours. Contact us to get the free free standing jib crane drawing and specific pillar jib crane price now.

6.3 ton overhead crane kit for sale Philippines, complete single girder top running overhead crane system, low headroom design for workshop indoor use.

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  • Types of overhead cranes : _______?
  • Optional: Overhead travelling crane, goliath gantry crane,Slewing jib crane, Single girder or double girder crane,small portable crane or kbk crane, etc.
  • Capacity of overhead crane: _______?
  • Optional: 0.25ton, 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 2 ton, 3ton, 5 ton, 10 ton,15ton, 20ton, 25 ton, 30ton,35ton, up to 550ton, etc.
  • Crane span & lifting height : _______?
  • Crane travelling length : _____?
  • Control of overhead crane:_______?
  • Optional: pendant/ remote/cabin control
  • Voltage supply of overhead crane:_____?
  • Eg,: 380V50/60HZ,3Phase or others,etc.
  • Application/usage of crane:_______?
  • Eg,: Steel mill, ,injection mold, cement,stone, concrete,granite, general manufacturing, etc.
  • Just leave a message via the contact form and our hoist and crane engineer will contact you with in 24working hours.

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