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What is a winch?A winch is a device for hauling or lifting loads to improve your material handling efficiency and safety. A winch is also called hoisting winch or pulling winch which not only can be used by itself but also can be used as a part or component of large scale and complex machine such as double girder cranes for safe, efficient and stable hoisting, pulling, towing and other handling operations,etc.

According to different applications or requirements, we can provide your customized pulling winch or hoisting winch for you at good wire rope winch price.

Types of Hoisting Winch and Pulling Winch

Based on power supply, the hoisting winch and pulling winch can be grouped in the electric winch, diesel winch, and air winch:

  • Electric winch - Electric winches of various industrial winch designs, small & heavy duty electric power winch & electric motor winch for hoist, lift & pull.Electric winch for sale.The electric winch can be grouped in JM Slow Speed Winch,JK High Speed Winch,JKL Piling Winch,JMM Friction Winch,JKD Planetary Winch, and Custom Mine Winch, etc.
  • Diesel winch - Diesel winch for sale. 500kg -10 ton diesel powered winch & diesel engine winch for loads hoisting & pulling, small diesel winch, simple, safe,economical & simple.
  • Air winch - Air winch & pneumatic winch is an air powered winch or air operated winch for pulling & hoisting loads of 500kg to 10 ton, explosion proof pneumatic winch, which can be grouped into Piston air winch and blade air winch,etc.
  • Hydraulic Winch -Hydraulic winch is especially designed for heavy-duty lifting, pulling and towing operations with loading capacity of 1 ton to 100 ton, and rope capacity of 100 m to 1500 m, which is more powerful and offering more strength than an electric power winch when an electric winch cannot match your operating and performance conditions.Hydraulic winch is ideal for the most demanding tasks in construction, mining and marine.

Wire Rope Crane Winch

Build up open winch and electric winch trolleys are adopted on double girder cranes as the lifting system for handling heavy loads with capacity from 5 ton 500 ton. According to different design style and features, the overhead open winch crane can be grouped in the following types:

Open winch with Chinese traditional design

These types of open winch and electric crane winch trolley are frequently adopted on the Chinese traditional heavy duty double girder cranes with capacity from 5 ton to 500 ton,with the features of safe, flexible, powerful, reliable & stable. Conact us to get your customized crane winch design.

European open winch crane design

European crane winch is a process crane components for heavy duty double girder overhead travelling cranes and overhead gantry cranes. The European winch trolleys are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your application and process cranes. The process winch trolleys are vary versatile and applicable to a variety of industrial applications.

How much does an overhead crane cost to buy? How much is the overhead crane price and crane rates for your application? As a hi-tech & innovation oriented crane manufacturer and supplier, we have supplied various overhead crane solutions,including single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, overhead underlusng crane, & overhead kbk crane for multiple industrial sectors with full crane services to save your money, time and energy.

Applications of Wire Rope Winch

Due to the different features, the hoisting winches and pulling winches are widely used in various industrial sectors and especially suitable for applications of oilfields, geological drilling, natural gas, coal mine, metal mine, ocean exploration, shipbuilding, and many other occasions with potential existence of inflammable and explosive elements, etc.

The pulling winches and hoisting winches provided can be designed and built into any capacity and size to meet specific requirements of customers. The rated load capacity of winch is usually in a range of 0.5 ton to 300 tons. Whether you require a small winch such as 1 ton winch, 2 ton winch, 3 ton winch and 5 ton winch, or a heavy duty winch like 30 ton winch, 50 ton winch and 100 ton winch, we can offer you a customized hoisting winch and pulling winch, please feel free to contact us to workout the best fit winch design for your application at the most competitive winch price.

Ask for Winch Price and Winch Rate

Get your customized pulling winch and hoisting winch, cost-effective crane winch solution

To meet the various industrial needs and your particular application, the tailored pulling winch or hoist winch design and fabrication services are available. To provide your the specific rope hoist winch, please help us to confirm the following information of the wire rope winch you need, which including the following;

  • Loading capacity (T)/Pull force(KN)of winch: _____________?(Ton/kN)
  • Drum capacity(mm x m)of winch:_____________?
  • Working speed of winch: _____________?(m/min)
  • Rope/chain diameter(mm): _____________?(mm)
  • Wire rope length of winch: _____________?(m)
  • Functions or usages of winch: _____________? For horizontally pulling or vertically hoisting?
  • Power model of winch:_____________?(electric winch/ air winch /hydraulic winch/diesel winch):
  • Specialized requirements to get tailored winch design.

Send us a inquiry to get your tailored winch design and air winch price. WhatsApp/ WeChat: + 86 161 3871 1597. 

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