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Manual Hoist Trolley- Monorail Geared Trolley & Plain Trolley

Hoist trolley by manual or hand power - geared trolley & plain trolley- for chain hoists, monorail hoist, i beam hoists with capacity of 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, etc.

Part type Manual trolley hoist
Noted All types of manual trolleys can be customized.

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The manual hoist trolley is a kind of hand operated trolley ,suspended on single girder hoist, monorail, H beam & I beam , working with electric hoist, manual hoist & air hoist for material handling. The manual hoist trolley is frequently working with monorail hoist or i beam hoists therefore it is also called as manual monorail hoist trolley or i beam hoist trolley for light duty material handling with capacity of 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, & 5 ton. The hand operated hoist trolley is featured as compact structure, light weight, convenient to operate and install, stable lifting with high safety and reliability,easy to maintenance with high universality and interchangeability

Electric chain hoist with manual trolley

Manual trolley with electric chain hoist on monorail beam

For different types of hoists, we can offer you various types of hoists trolleys, such as motorized hoist trolley and manual hoist trolleys to work with the electric hoist, manual hoist& air hoist for material handling with type of overhead hoist cranes. As the series of manual hoist trolleys, there are main two types, the plain trolley and the geared trolley. The basics of the two types of manual hoist trolley will be presented for your reference. If you need more information please feel free to contact us.

Plain trolley 500kgy 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton

With various designs, the manual lifting plain trolleys can be used to support and mount types of hoisting equipment for fixed or travelling applications with capacity from 500kg, 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton &5 ton.

Features & advantages of plain trolley

  • Easily adjusted by round nuts with fine adjustment and fittings to the beam makes the manual trolley applicable to a wide range of beam widths & beam profiles.
  • Excellent rolling performances of the manual plain trolley is guaranteed by the machined steel wheels and the pre-lubricated ball bearings in encapsulation.
  • Stable and reliable performance with standard anti-tilt and anti-drop devices with anti-drop plates.
  • High quality raw material ensures the quality of plain trolley with long working life, such as the high grade sealed ball bearings.
  • Customized trolley wheels are able to fit any shape of beams.

GCT-A Series Plain Trolley

Single speed & double speed wire rope electric hoists are the basic type of electric wire rope hoists. The CD typesingle speed electric hoist has a normal speed of 8 m/min, which is used for general material handing in most occasions. The MD type double speed electric hoist has two separately speeds: 8 m/min and 0.8 m/min which can realize high efficiency and precision material handling in various industry.

GCT-B Plain Trolley

The features of the B type plain trolley are as following: High strength low alloy steel structure enables the manual lift plain trolley can support the loads with 4 times of safe rated load but overload is not allowed. The manual plain trolley can very applicable to various types of steel H beams , i beams or other suspended rails for general material handling. That is the plain trolley for your monorail hoists, and i beam hoists with the features of High quality steel, Compact structure, Small volume Light weight, Safe and reliable performance, Easy installation and Eye- catching outlook.

Geared trolley 500kg - 20,000 kg

The simple and useful hand operated geared trolley is driven by chains with simple operation which can work with manual or electric chain hoists and other hoisting equipment to composite the lifting and transporting with capacity of 500kg - 20,000 kg. The manual hoist geared trolley is very adaptable which can be adjusted to fit on I beam track, straight and curved, monorail cranes or other hand operated single beam overhead bridge cranes, etc. With wide applications, the geared trolley are usually used in factories, shipyards, warehouses and many other applications where small and light material handling solution is required especially for places where electric powered hoisting equipment is impossible.

geared trolley for chain hoist

Feature & Advantages

Compact structure and small volume makes the geared trolley easy to be used and installed. With standard anti-tilt and anti-drop devices, the geared trolley can ensure safety during operations. .With easy & fine adjustable round nuts and fittings, the manual lift geared trolley can be used on beams with a wide widths and profiles. The encapsulated & pre - lubricated ball bearings working with the customized steel wheels enables the geared trolley having excellent the rolling performance. With efficient transmission, the hand operated geared trolley can move on beams with small radius bends with minimum hand-pull.

GCL-A Geared Trolley

The hand-drawn hoist trolley is applied to I beam steel track and driven by a hand zipper strip, with compact structure & nice appearance and with features as following :

  • Rolling bearings of the manual geared trolley are installed in the wheels with high transmission efficiency and low hand thrust.
  • The rimed wheels move on the beam track with a smaller radius of gyration.
  • With freely adjustable wheel space, the geared trolley can fit to various I-beams.
  • With customized wheels with special shaped treads can drive on the inclined track surface or flat track. More details, please contact us.

GCL-B Geared Trolley

The heavy duty geared trolleys are designed with premium quality and low headroom, which can be coupled closely to the majority of hoisting equipment with capacity up to 20 ton and the maximum beam widths up to 320 mm. The manual lifting trolley fitted with anti-drop plates can optionally adopt push or hand geared travelling with high safety. And also a wide range of double pin trolleys are for selection. Contact us to get your customized manual hoist trolley.


Hand operated manual hoist trolley are widely applied to light duty single beam overhead crane, suspended steel H beam & I Beams, or other types of monorails,straight or curved, for general material handling with horizontal movement. For the fixed hoist design, the manual trolleys are fastened on a fixed supporting structure to lifting loads with vertical movements.

The manual hoist trolleys can be used with manual chain hoist, electric chain hoists, hook mounted electric chain hoist or air hoists for material handling in places such as factories, warehouse, workstations, construction sites and other places for light loads handling, machinery installation, goods hanging or other material handling tasks,especially when electric supply is difficult.

6.3 ton overhead crane kit for sale Philippines, complete single girder top running overhead crane system, low headroom design for workshop indoor use.

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