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Air Hoist & Pneumatic Hoist

Air hoist & pneumatic hoist is a compressed air powered hoist & air operated hoists, various hoist designs,wide specification, good price. Air hoist for sale.

Lifting Capacity 0.125t to 50t
Lifting Height 3m to 20m
Lifting Speed 3.5m/min to 8m/min
Working Pressure 0.6Mpa
Air Consumption 1m3/min to 4.7m3/min

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Explosion Proof, Safe & Fast Air Operated
Air Hoist & Pneumatic Hoist

Air hoists also known as pneumatic hoist is a new type of compressed air powered hoist and air operated hoists, different from the traditional electric hoists with safe production, low energy consumption, high efficiency, durable in harsh and hazardous application, low maintenance and low cost, etc.

Powered by the compressed air, the pneumatic hoist does not generate sparks and are explosion proof which enables the air operated hoists are good options in hazardous applications where with chemical powder, inflammable or volatilizable material such as, chemical plants, paint shops, and mines, etc., and in applications where with harsh temperatures, dirt, water, and humidity, and also in the applications where electric power is not practical or lack of an electric motor, etc. Generally, the air hoist are widely used for the harsh environments in mines, shipyards, power plants, cement plants, onshore and offshore drilling, oil & gas production platforms,etc.

Overview of air hoists

Air hoists are air powered hoist and air operated hoist, which is designed with advantages of light weight, low maintenance, impervious to dirt and dust, heat, vapors, high temps, and humidity, and self-cooling and also with drawbacks of difficult position and speed control. Air hoists are basically helpful in enhancing the material handling efficiency and improve productivity of a worker and reducing fatigue. The main specifications of air operated hoist are presented for your reference.

Main parameters of air hoists

  • Hoist type: air hoist or pneumatic hoists
  • Lifting capacity of air hoist: 0.125t to 50t
  • Lifting height of air hoist: 3m to 20m
  • Lifting speed of air hois: 3.5m/min to 8m/min
  • Working pressure of air hoist: 0.6Mpa
  • Air Consumption of air hoist: 1m3/min to 4.7m3/min
  • Control of air hoists; up-and-down control pendant

Customized air powered hoists and air operated hoists are available to meet your applications and lifting requirements. Contact us to get your customized pneumatic air design and specific pneumatic hoist price.

Classifications of air hoist and pneumatic hoist

According to different standards, the air hoists can be grouped into different types. In terms of the way of attachment, the pneumatic hoists can be grouped in to stationary air chain hoist with fixed hook and running air chain hoist with running trolley,etc.

According to the driving classification, there are three kinds of pneumatic hoists: blade type pneumatic hoists, piston type pneumatic hoists and cylinder type pneumatic hoists.

With different features, the pneumatic hoists also can be available with designs of ultra-low pneumatic hoist, low clearance pneumatic hoist, explosion proof pneumatic hoist, mine pneumatic hoist,monorail pneumatic hoist and mini pneumatic chain hoist ,etc. So far, the air chain hoist or pneumatic chain hoist is more durable, practical and popular.

As a comprehensive enterprise of hoist and crane manufacturer and supplier, we are able to provide you industrial air hoists and pneumatic hoists are available with a large variety of sizes and wide specifications to meet the various application conditions and operation requirement.

Types of air operated hoist and air powered hoists with capacity from 0.25ton, 0.5ton, 1ton, 2ton, 3.2ton, 6.3ton, 10ton, 16ton, 20ton, 25ton, and 30 ton for sale, good price.

Motor trolley air hoist

With an air powered motor, the air hoists can transport a suspended load horizontally and efficiently, which can be used on monorail cranes, kbk cranes, slewing jib cranes,and other type of overhead travelling cranes etc.

Air hoist & pneumatic hoist

Trolley Type Air Hoist

  • Main specifications of Trolley type air hoist or pneumatic hoist
  • Working class of air hoist: M3
  • Capacity of air hoist: 0.5 ton -50 ton
  • Lifting height of air hoist: 3m-30 m or customized
  • Control method of air hoist: Pendent Control
  • Customized air hoist and pneumatic hoist are available.

Contact us to get your air hoist with process design at competitive pneumatic hoist price.

Electric trolley air hoist is mainly consisted of hoisting mechanism, traveling mechanism and air distribution system, etc.

  • The lifting mechanism - The lifting mechanism of the air hoist is consisted of pneumatic motor, planetary reducer, hanging assembly, brake, lifting chain, hook assembly and main control valve. It controls the the lifting and lowering of loads by the main control valve and maintain the lifting and lowering position by control the opening and closing of brake.
  • The traveling mechanism - A pneumatic powered traveling trolley is adopted as the travelling mechanism of pneumatic hoist which is consisted of active wheels, passive wheels, and wall panels, etc. The main control valve controls the air powered motor and the planetary reducer to drive the active wheels to achieve the horizontal movement of loads.
  • The air distribution system - Compressed air is adopted as the power source to motivate the air hoist to lift and travel.

Fixed type air hoists

Fixed type air hoist or hook suspension pneumatic hoist is mainly suitable for the hazardous applications such as petroleum and chemical decomposition, synthetic smelting process and high explosive dust, to ensure high safety with features of explosion-proof and spark resistant, etc.

Air hoist & pneumatic hoist

Fixed Type Air Hoist

  • Main specifications of fixed type air hoist
  • Working class of air hoist: M3
  • Capacity of air hoist: 0.5 ton -32 ton
  • Lifting height of air hoist: 3m-30 m or customized
  • Control method of air hoist: Pendent Control
  • Customized air hoist and pneumatic hoist are available.

Contact us to get your air hoist with process design at competitive pneumatic hoist price.

Advantages of Air Hoist & Pneumatic Hoist

Why to Choose a Pneumatic Hoist? Air hoist or pneumatic hoists are widely used due to the following advantages:

  • Wide product range- Air hoist can be selected for your specific application from air hoist type, control speed, air hoist control hoist trolley and hoist capacity from 500 kg to 50 tons, which can be adopted in various industrial applications.
  • Accurate positioning-Pneumatic chain hoist provides vertical lifting and can be stopped as necessary which enable the loads to be positioned accurately.
  • Adjustable speed-The hoisting and lowering speed of air chain hoists is adjustable within the limited, which is 3 times & 5 times higher than that of electrical hoist and chain block respectively.
  • Simple operation-Control lever of air operated hoist is easy to be operated and with quick response to the movements of pendent control handle during hoisting or lowering.
  • Clean, safe, and adjustable-Inner lubrication system of the air chain hoist enables the air noise at low level. With compressed air as its power, the air powered hoist can be operated in wet, dusty, hash and hazardous environment to avoid fire accidents, electricity attacks, and no break-ups to ensure safety and improve efficiency.
  • Light and easy to transport -Pneumatic hoist and air hoist is compact in structure and small and light in weight which makes the transportation and installation of air chain hoist easy.
  • Overload protection-Due to the use of great brake motor system and durability construction, the air hoists can be well protected once the overload happens.
  • Protection when cutting air off - Loads will be hold tightly when cutting the air off which can be descended by hand safely.
  • Durable in use- Due to good quality, unique and reasonable construction, the pneumatic powered hoist provides high durability and longer working life.
  • Low energy consumption & high efficient-Air hoist can be operated with very small consumption of compressed air which is very cost-effective compared with the cost of electricity consumption.

Application of Air Hoist & Pneumatic Hoist

With good explosion-proof performance, high frequency and infinitely variable speed control, the air powered hoists or air operated hoists are favored by various industrial sectors such as the manufacturing of automobile, tractor motor, and other processing industries as well as the industries with large output and continuous operation such as logistics, etc.

Particularly, some industrial sectors have clearly stipulated that pneumatic hoists must be adopted in the case of inflammable and explosive applications such as petroleum, chemical, and mining, and other sectors such as Shipyard,Offshore oil industry,Assembly line,Foundry,High speed production industry,Mechanical engineering,Power plant and refinery,Construction ,Food industry,etc.

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  • Capacity of overhead crane: _______?
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  • Crane span & lifting height : _______?
  • Crane travelling length : _____?
  • Control of overhead crane:_______?
  • Optional: pendant/ remote/cabin control
  • Voltage supply of overhead crane:_____?
  • Eg,: 380V50/60HZ,3Phase or others,etc.
  • Application/usage of crane:_______?
  • Eg,: Steel mill, ,injection mold, cement,stone, concrete,granite, general manufacturing, etc.
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