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Hook mounted & hook suspension electric chain hoists

Electric chain hoists - hook mounted & hook suspension hoist type - for 0.5 ton -50 ton vertical lifting , Single & 3 phase chain block & chain hoist designs for selection.

Hoist Type Hook mounted & hook suspension motorized chain hoists
Hoist Capacity 300kgs -50tons
Lifting Height Customized
Working Class M3, M4, M5

Category: Hoist

A hook suspension chain hoist is also a fixed type electric chain hoist. Copper motor , Thickened hoist shell, Stable performance & Efficient and durable are the main features of our hook mounted electric chain hoists and hook suspension electric chain blocks. What is a hook mounted electric chain hoists?Generally, an electric chain hoist or electric chain block has a steel hook on the top of hoist frame or body shell which is applied to suspend the motorized chain hoist from the clevis or suspension pin of a single girder hoist trolley or a fixed suspension device that will accept the hook of electric chain blocks. The hook suspension electric chain hoists can be mounted on an overhead beam or the structural framework of a building for general loads handling with capacity from 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, 10 ton, 20 ton, 35 ton , and up to 50 ton with custom hoist designs.

Hook suspension chain hoist

Main parameters& specification of electric chain hoists

A hook mounted electric chain hoist & hook suspension electric chain block with high performance is a cost-effective hoisting solution for various applications with standard capacity of 0.5 ton, 1ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, 10 ton, 15 ton, 20 ton, 35 ton and up to 50 ton, etc The main parameters and specifications of the hook mounted type electric chain hoist blocks are presented for your reference.

Main parameters of hook suspension electric chain hoists

  • Electric chain hoist type: Hook mounted & hook suspension motorized chain hoists
  • Capacity ranges of hook suspension chain hoist:300kgs -50tons
  • Insulation grade of hook suspension chain hoist: F class
  • Working class of hook suspension chain hoist:M3, M4, M5
  • Power supply of hook suspension chain hoist: Single phase , 3 Phase voltage from 220V -690V , 50/60HZ
  • Working temperature of hook suspension chain hoist: -40℃ – +40℃
  • Hoist control of hook suspension chain hoist:Low voltages handle control & remote control optional

Customized designed electric chain blocks are available ahead of standard electric hoist designs with care free hoist & crane services from hoist design to installation and maintainence and spare parts supply, etc To be a trusted and reliable hoist manufacture and supplier, we are aimed to offering you a hook suspension hoists with features of easy lifting, high safety, and enjoyable life.

Hook suspension chain hoist

Advantages of hook mounted electric chain hoists

Hook suspension electric chain hoists is frequently to be used as a static hoist mounted on a fixed supporting structures for vertical material handling and also can be used as a travelling hoist with a trolley. The hook mounted or hook suspension electric chain hoists can be used to lift and move the heavy loads at a press of a button.Further strengths:

  • Compact structure, small size, and light weight.,
  • Easy installation and operation,
  • Reliable and stable performance and long working life.

With customized hook mounted electric chain hoist, we are able to make your material handling works with more efficiency and have a chance to save more energy, time and money. The right selection of electric chain hoist will make your working environment with high safety in terms of hoist and crane operation and working staffs.

Main structures and components of chain hook suspension hoist

Hook suspension chain hoist is a light and small lifting equipment, which is consisted of electric motor, transmission mechanism, chains, hook and safety devices, etc. All of ou hook mounted chain hoist can be customized for your specific setup with good and reliable performances to make the best value of your investment!

Hook suspension chain hoist

  • Structural features of electric chain blocks- The body shell of hook suspension electric chain hoist can use high strength tensile shell or die casting aluminum shell, based on your requirements. With the high precision thin-walled molding technology,body shell of the hook suspension electric chain hoists is with small volume, light weight and high strength.
  • High performance lifting motor - Under full loading, the motor of hook suspension electric chain hoist can work continuous for 30 minutes with high efficiency and Grade B insulation.
  • Double brake system - Electromagnetic brake &Mechanical brake are adopted on hook suspension electric chain hoist system to reduce the possibility of brake failure and improve electric chain block safety and do benefit for heat radiation.
  • Durable gear with long working life- Standard hook mounted electric chain blocks usually use reliable helical gear with enhanced strength made from fine heat treated alloy steel with a long working life by reducing the impact of meshing and vibration.
  • Convenient and easy hoist control - Hook mounted electric chain blocks can adopt remote control & and low voltage handle control with 24v-36v to protect the hoist operator in safe from a shock damage.
  • Strong lifting chain with long services life - The lifting chains of hook mounted electric chain blocks are made of low carbon steel alloy, tough and strong, more safety for your chain blocks, and the hardened chain surface prevents the core from damage to make the lifting chain with high performance and long life. Equipped with chain bag with anti-rust oil, the chains of electric hoists can be orderly, tidy and with long working life .

Get your electric chain hoists

On selecting the right electric chain hoists for your application, the following information need to be confirmed.

Information needed to required when selecting electric chain hoists:

  • Required capacity of hook suspension hoist: weight of the loads need to be lifting based on current and future needs.
  • Lifting speed of hook suspension hoist: depending on production output needs.
  • Lifting height of hook suspension hoist: highly confined by the building height.
  • Power supply of hook suspension hoist: single phase or 3-phase
  • Application environment of hook suspension hoist: - general or hazardous environment
  • Duty cycle of hook suspension hoist: how often the electric chain hoist will be operating per day.
  • Budget of hook suspension hoist: consider more than the chain hoist cost, but also the quality and the future maintenance.

Once the specifications of the hook suspension electric chain hoist are determined you can reach out to your trusted and reliable suppliers to buy the electric hoist with best value. We can offer help to confirm the specifications of the hook mounted electric chain hoist for your need. If you don't see a capacity or style needed please feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to provide you a hook mounted electric chain hoist solution suitable to your requirements at cost-effective price.We are reliable and we deliver exceptional value.

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