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Low headroom electric chain hoist for low ceiling heights & limited space

Electric chain hoists - hook mounted & hook suspension hoist type - for 0.5 ton -50 ton vertical lifting , Single & 3 phase chain block & chain hoist designs for selection.

Hoist Type Electric chain hoist with low headroom or profile design
Hoist Capacity 0.5 ton to 50 ton
Lifting Height 3 ~ 130 m or customized
Working Class M3 ~ M7

Category: Hoist

For workshops with low ceiling heights and limited space every centimetre of the overhead space or clearance should be valued to offer the lifting height desired. The electric chain hoist with low headroom design and low profile motorized trolley will be an ideal and cost-effective hoisting solution for the tricky application.

Low profile chain hoist

The low profile electric chain hoists is developed on the basis of standard electric chain hoists, but with super low profile hoist design and offering increased lifting height, which can raise the loads nearly up to the beam girder of the supporting structure. The low headroom chain hoists are widely welcomed in almost every sector due to the features of super low profile design, compact structure, easy and ease operation, stable and reliable performance.

Main parameters & specifications of low headroom chain hoists

With various electric chain hoist designs and configurations, the low headroom chain hoists can be designed to fit your individualized setup to make the best utilization of your workshop space and offer you the best value electric chain hoist crane solution with the conjunction of types of overhead travelling cranes, girders and beams and other load carriers.The low headroom chain hoists can be used for material handling with capacity of 500kg, 1ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, 10 ton and much more with customized designs. The main hoist specifications and parameters are for your reference.

Low profile chain hoist

7.5 ton electgric chain hoist for your reference

Low profile chain hoist

Electric chain hoist drawing for your reference

Main parameters of low headroom electric chain hoist

  • Loading capacity of low profile chain hoist:1.5 ton, 2 ton ,2.5 ton ,3 ton ,5 ton,10 ton & much more with customized design.
  • Lifting height of low profile chain hoist:3 ~ 130 m or customized
  • Lifting speed of low profile chain hoist: Single speed: 6.6 m/min; or customized
  • Variable frequency speed: 0.1 ~ 12.5 m/min; or customized
  • Working class of low profile chain hoist:M3 ~ M7
  • Working temperature of low profile chain hoist:-20 ~ 40 ℃
  • Chain hoist power supply:AC-3Phase-220//230380/400/415/440V-50/60Hz
  • Control voltage of electric chain hoist;DC-36 / 48V
  • Motor protection class of low headroom hoist:IP54 IP55 IP65
  • Mounting type of low profile hoist : fixed type & travelling type
  • Control way of electric chain fall hoist:Ground handle control(Push button),wireless remote control
  • Safety device of electric chain blocks:Buffer,current overload protection,overload device,power failure protection
  • Application area of electric chain hoist:Factory,workshop,warehouse,power station,logistic,etc.

Advantages of low headroom chain hoists

With various hoist designs and configurations, the low headroom chain hoists can be designed to fit your individualized setup to make the best utilization of your workshop space and offer you the best value electric chain hoist crane solution. The main advantages of the low headroom chain hoists are as following:

  • Ultra low headroom & low profile design to save your overhead clearance and make the best use of your workshop space
  • High safety and precise positioning to ensure your operation safety and working efficiency
  • Smooth operation & low noise with excellent hoisting performance
  • Maintenance-friendly to ensure your uptime and efficiency and reduce your costs

Featuresof low headroom chain hoists

Ultra Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist are designed for applications with low ceiling heights or with limited overhead space. Generally, the low headroom trolley electric hoists are with the features of the following: 

  • Capacity of low profile chain hoist is from 0.5 ton to 10 ton, and customized
  • Steel chain: FEC G80 ultra heat-treated alloy steel chain with high resistance and durability which is applicable for rainy, sea water and chemical environments.
  • Standard voltage: 200-440volt, 3 phase. Customized is available.
  • Limit switches: Both upper and lower hook travel is equipped with limited switches, ensuring the operation safety of chain hoists.
  • Thermal motor protector is used to protect your low profile hoists.
  • Electromagnetic brake, long working life, with low maintenance.
  • Carbon friction clutch: Excellent and reliable performance even under high temperature.
  • Hoist control:Ergonomic push button control or remote control for selection
  • Rubber bumpers with push and gear trolley configurations

Application of low headroom electric chain hoists

With unique headroom design and unbeatable advantages and features, the Low headroom electric chain hoists is frequently used for the following two conditions;

  • Applications where has a low ceiling height but required a considerable lifting height.
  • Applications where has a limited overhead room and has a high requirement on the overhead hoist equipment and lifting height.

With various hoist designs and configurations, the low headroom chain hoists can be designed to fit your individualized setup to make the best utilization of your workshop space and offer you the best value electric chain hoist crane solution with the conjunction of types of overhead travelling cranes, girders and beams and other load carriers. The low profile chain hoists are widely used in general machinery workshop, assembling lines, and warehouse, etc.

How to select the right chain hoist?

On selecting the right chain hoists for application, the following factors needs to be confirmed:

  • Capacity of low profile chain hoists: the maximum weights of the loads you intend to lift at present and in the future
  • Lift of low profile chain hoists: length of lifting chain your hoist needed.
  • Lifting Speed of low profile chain hoists: the speed of the load being lifted which may be confined by the features of loads and surrounding environment -what if the load is fragile or in the hazardous environments, or there is no enough space for lifting loads safely?
  • Voltage & Power of low profile chain hoists: The correct voltage of power source needs to be confirmed for the wrong voltage can damage the new electric chain hoist instantly and this is not covered by warranty.
  • Pendant Control Cable Length: Customized based on specific needs and requirements
  • Trolley selection of low profile chain hoists: Plain trolley, geared trolley or motorized trolley?
  • I Beam Flange Width: An I-beam, also known as H-beam, W-beam or WF-beam is a beam with an I- or H-shaped cross-section.

Once the above information be confirmed, the main parameters needed for the quotation of an electric chain fall hoists is confirmed. Please reach out to a trusted and reliable hoist manufacturer and supplier to confirm the details and get the customized price to for your electric chain fall hoists.

Custom designed low headroom electric chain hoists, cost-effective hoist price

We can offer help to confirm the specifications of the low headroom hoists your need. If you don't see a capacity or style needed please feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to provide you an overhead hoist and crane solution suitable to your requirements at cost-effective price.We are reliable and we deliver exceptional value.

Buying a low headroom chain hoists is an beneficial investment. With low headroom and low profile hoist design, the electric hoist can save your working space in the existing building, lower your cost on workshop modification and maybe the low profile chain hoist will save your initial invest on the construction of new workshop. If you are starting a new business or do not want to modify your existing workshop to install an overhead travelling crane system, the low headroom hoist crane will be a way out. Contact us to get more information about the low headroom electric hoist or about other low headroom hoists.

6.3 ton overhead crane kit for sale Philippines, complete single girder top running overhead crane system, low headroom design for workshop indoor use.

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