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Piston air winch, piston air motor powered winch

Piston air winch, driven by piston air motor, manual &remote control,air powered explosion proof winch, safe & efficient. Piston air winch for sale, good price.

Winch Type Piston air winch
Winch Capacity 0.5t to 30t
Rope Capacity 90m to 1000m
Air Preasure 0.6-1.0Mpa

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Strong, Efficient & Explosion proof
Piston Air Winches

Piston air winches are one type of air winches, made of high-strength alloy steel, powered by compressed air. The piston air winch is driven by piston air motor and can be configured with manual and remote control operation, which are widely used to lift and pull heavy loads or objects in land drilling, ocean platform drilling, mine drilling, ship and work places with flammable gas,etc.

Main parameters of piston air winch

  • Lifting capacity of piston air winch:0.5t to 30t
  • Rope capacity of piston air winch: 90m to 1000m
  • Rope speed of piston air winch:6~48m/min
  • Air pressure of piston air winch:0.6-1.0Mpa

Based on your requirements and applications conditions, piston air winches with process winch designs are available to meet your needs satisfactorily.Piston air winch for sale.Tailored piston air winch are available. Contact us to get your piston air winch design & specific piston air winch price.

Main features of piston air winch

  • Piston air winch is small size, light weight, and convenient to move.
  • Piston air winch adopts step-less speed control which can move forward and backward flexibly and smoothly.
  • Safe & efficient braking system with hand brake,foot brake and air brake combined as requested.
  • High starting torque enables start with load, with anti-overload function.
  • Anti-explosive function make the operation of piston air winch reliable under hazardous inflammable and explosive environment
  • Powered by compressed air , the piston air winch is much safer than the electric winch under high wet, damp conditions.

The piston air winch is mainly consisted of air motors, gearboxes, rollers and brakes, etc. Generally, the main parts of the piston air winch are made of high-strength alloy steel, processed with heat treatment, high quality with a long working life and with high quality ball bearings, the transmission parts of piston air winch can ensure the flexible operation.

Control valve
Operate control valve of piston air winch is made of valve case,valve seat ,main valve, and valve shaft etc. When the handle in "stop" position, the piston air winch is stopped, the compressed air is kept off, and the brake spring making spindle to stop. When in "up" or "down" position, the compress air enter into air motor and air chamber to drive the drum and release the bearing plate respectively.

Piston air motor

  • With piston air motor, the air winch is safe and explosion-proof, with no electricity or spark.
  • Stepless speed regulation is possible for piston air winch by managing the motor speed through the air supply pressure and flow regulation.
  • Piston air motor provides high safety even when the motor load is too large which will not damage the motor itself and will not cause the body temperature to rise.
  • Piston air motor can work continuously under full load for a long time.
  • Two-way rotation makes the reverse operation of air winch possible.
  • Easy operation and simple maintenance

Gear box
Gear box of piston air winch is made up gear case , deceleration gears, and gear bracket etc. Four levels of deceleration includes the first level of 22:70, second level of 26:62, third level of 16:100, the last internal gear , the internal gear key connect with drum .

Braking system
The braking system of piston air winch is made up bearing plate, brake plate, rubber diaphragm, and brake spring etc. When the air pipe is in "open" position, the piston air winch release brake plate, and the winch drum start to rotate . When the air line is closed, the brake systems of the piston air winch brakes the drum tightly and efficiently.

Industries and applications of an piston air winch

Due to the unique features,the piston air winches are widely used in various industrial sectors and especially suitable for applications of oilfields, geological drilling, natural gas, coal mine, metal mine, ocean exploration, shipbuilding, and many other occasions with potential existence of inflammable and explosive elements, etc.

Due to the excellent explosion proof feature, the piston air winch is among the best explosion-proof equipment which is an ideal selection when an explosion-proof pulling winch or explosion proof hoisting winch is needed. Based on your requirements and applications conditions, piston air winches with process winch designs are available to meet your needs satisfactorily.

Get your customized piston air winch, cost-effective crane winch solution

To meet the various industrial needs and your particular application, the tailored piston air winch design and fabrication services are available. To provide your the specific piston air winch, please help us to confirm the following information of the piston air winch you need, which including the following;
  • Loading capacity of piston air winch: _____________?(Ton/kN)
  • Working speed of piston air winch: _____________?(m/min)
  • Wire rope length of piston air winch: _____________?(m)
  • Functions or usages of piston air winch: _____________? For horizontally pulling or vertically hoisting?
  • Specialized requirements to get tailored piston air winch design.

Send us a inquiry to get your tailored piston air winch design and piston air winch price.

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