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Overhead crane winch trolley & gantry crane winch trolley

European crane winch, compact European open winch trolley design, fast, safe & reliable for FEM & DIN open winch cranes, double girder overhead & gantry cranes, etc.

Part type Open winch trolley
Capacity of open winch 10 ton - 500 ton
Lifting Height Customized
Working Class M5

Category: Spare Parts

European open winch, processed electric crane winch trolley

European crane winch is a process crane components for heavy duty double girder overhead travelling cranes and overhead gantry cranes with features of fast, safe and reliable. The European winch trolleys are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your application and process cranes. The process winch trolleys are vary versatile and applicable to a variety of industrial applications. Contact to get customized European standard crane winch.

European open winch

Sample pictures of European style of crane winch & European crane winch, heavy duty winch crane wincth

European crane winch parameters

The crane winch are designed for process cranes for heavy duty industrial applications. To meet the various industrial applications, the modular crane winch can be combined with featured parts and components to meet particular applications such as the turn over trolley, anti-sway device, automatic positioning device, monitoring , or remote diagnostic devices, and various below-the-hook devices etc. The main specifications of European electric winch trolley are for your reference. For processed crane winch, please confirm with our engineer.

Main parameters of European crane winch

  • Capacity of European crane winch :10 ton - 500 ton
  • Lifting height of European crane winch: As your request
  • Working Duty of European crane winch :M5
  • Crane traveling of European crane winch:3-30 m/min
  • Process crane winch are available for your particular industrial needs and applications.

Of top configurations, the European style open winch crane trolley are consisted of Schneider electric elements, ABM / SEW/Siemens triple gear motor, with three in one design including motor, gear box and brake, high strength galvanized wire rope, self-adjusted disk brake, hard tooth reducer, programmable lifting limit switch, and so on.

Advantages of European crane winch

Adopting advanced technology and designed on the base of international standards of FEM (Europe), DIN (Germany), ISO(International), the European style open winch crane trolley are with the features of strong rigidity, light dead weight, outstanding winch structure, etc.

  • Process crane winch meet your particular needs - Process open winch ,ergonomic design, various configurations , wide lifting capacities , to meet your particular application needs no matter what industrial sector you are in.
  • Compact structure, light weight, small volume - More compact open winch structure and layout, the crane winch has high driving efficiency, low noise, low crane height and low dead weight, which reduces the overall dimensions of the overhead open crane.
  • Best space utilization, lower facility production costs- With light weight and low headroom design, the crane winch can operate the load lifting on end carriages of trolley frame on both side, offering large space for load handling vertically and horizontally in space limited workshops which may save your facility production cost.
  • Convenient operation -Modular design with all the winch trolley components such as, motor, brake and gearbox are in a compact arrangement offering clear interfaces making crane winch assembly and maintenance ease and simple.
  • Strong performance - Stabilized lifting systems with multi- groove rope drums for wire rope are designed for lifting load with capacity up to 500 ton.
  • High operating reliability -With various baking systems including rope drum brake, second disc or double-jaw brake and other safety devices, the open crane winch trolley are applicable for hot ladle handling with high safety and reliability.
  • Make the best value of your investment - The European style of crane winch helps to improve your productivity with low maintenance rate and maintenance cost, enjoying durable working life, which will help you make the best value of your crane investment and at the same time to create more value for your business.

Application of European style open winch crane

The process crane winch are applicable for process cranes in the double girder overhead travelling cranes designs and gantry crane designs for heavy duty material handling with working class of A7, A8 and the lifting capacity from 10 ton, 50 ton, 80 ton, 100 ton up to 200ton & 500 ton,etc.

Below-the-hook devices for European style winch crane & open winch crane

The processed European crane winches can be used on various types of double girder cranes, equipped with different under-the-hook devices, and the FEM open winch cranes are can be used for various of heavy duty material handling and applications with high safety, reliability, stability and efficiency.

The process winch cranes are widely adopted in various industrial applications such as in steel and metal processing, paper-making , power energy industry, petrochemical, and metallurgical industry, and others, etc.

Winch open crabs or crane winch are configured and processed individually from dependable system components that also satisfy the most insistent quality prerequisites. Designed for heavy loads handling , the European style crane winches are processed to meet your specific demands of applications and requirements with capacity from 5 ton to 500 ton.

Tailored open winch, cost-effective European open winch and crane winch trolley solution

With advanced techniques and expertise, we are ready to provide you the tailored crane winch for your processed open winch crane which will meet you lifting requirement and specific industrial setup satisfactorily. Send us an inquiry on European style crane winch &open winch for your process crane.

6.3 ton overhead crane kit for sale Philippines, complete single girder top running overhead crane system, low headroom design for workshop indoor use.

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  • Eg,: Steel mill, ,injection mold, cement,stone, concrete,granite, general manufacturing, etc.
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